General Hospital 10-21-19 Recap 21st October 2019

General Hospital 10-21-19
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General Hospital 10-21-19 Recap 21st October 2019

General Hospital 10-21-19, Felicia talked to Robert about Anna. Felicia said Anna got a lead on her sister and wouldn’t be back unless he did something. He said he wasn’t with the WSB anymore. Felicia was concerned that Anna being gone was ruining her relationship with Finn. Felicia noticed that Robert wasn’t upset about Finn dumping Anna for Hayden.

Finn asked Curtis about what Hayden did while she was gone. Curtis said he didn’t know. He said she has been suspicious. Finn thought Hayden wanted him to find the letter. Finn said Hayden was lying about their child being dead.

General Hospital 10-21-19 Recap 21st October 2019

General Hospital 10-21-19

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Hayden and Liz talked. Liz said it was difficult not being with Franco. Hayden said she learned about being a mother from her. Liz said she would be a great mother. Hayden said she only wanted kids with one man, but that wasn’t possible. Finn called Hayden and wanted to see her.

Carly talked to Sasha. Carly called her a con artist. Sasha said she cared about Michael and wasn’t after his money. Sasha said she didn’t ask Michael to stay by her side. Sasha said Carly’s parenting was why.

Carly and Sasha wondered if Nina would press charges. Sasha said she wouldn’t put Michael in this mess. Carly wasn’t sure. Carly said she did terrible things to Bobbie when she came to town to look for his mother. Sasha was shocked that she was being understanding. Carly said she wouldn’t give her a third chance.

Jax asked Nina what was going on with Valentin. Valentin interrupted them. Jax was upset that they were still together. Nina said it was none of his business. She left to deliver something.

Valentin thanked Jax for being concerned about Nina. Valentin said she didn’t need Jax in her personal business. When Nina came back, Jax said he would be there for her.

General Hospital 10-21-19 Recap 21st October 2019.


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