General Hospital 10-22-19 Recap 22nd October 2019

General Hospital 10-22-19
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General Hospital 10-22-19 Recap 22nd October 2019

General Hospital 10-22-19, Jason wanted to know if Laura and Kevin could get him to see Ryan. Jason wanted to talk to Ryan about Bryce. Kevin said Ryan wouldn’t be able to help him. Kevin said Ryan would lead him on for the fun of it. Laura wanted to see what she could do.

Robert overheard Finn making sure he and Hayden were still meeting each other. Robert thought Finn was using Hayden because Anna was away. Finn said he let Anna know that he was meeting Hayden to figure some things out. Finn said what went on between him and Anna was none of his business.

General Hospital 10-22-19 Recap 22nd October 2019

General Hospital 10-22-19

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Ava heard someone coming in her door. She picked up a gun. The person turned out to be Julian. Julian noticed that she had the doors locked. She said she was convinced that someone was watching her. He said her drinking was making her paranoid.

Kevin came to see Ava. He said Laura wanted him to check on her. He told her what to do to get over her fear. He suggested that she go back to art gallery. He said art would help her move on.

Hayden talked to Curtis. He told her he was working Sasha’s case. He said he waa trying to figure out who fixed Sasha’s DNA. Hayden said he was a good friend. He offered to listen to her if she needed to talk. She said she had nothing to talk about.

Martin brought Franco a change of clothes for court. Franco wore a naval uniform. Martin told Franco to remind himself why he thought he was Drew. Jason went to see Franco. Jason wanted to know about Drew’s past.

Jason told Franco about his theory that Shiloh’s escape, Andre’s attack and Drew’s plane going down were tied together. Jason showed Franco a picture of Peter. Jason asked if he recognized him. Franco said he recognized him.

Liz met with Scott. Martin went to talk to Liz. Martin said this was hard on her. He said his client wishes no bad feelings towards her or the kids. She told him she would see him in court.

Julian wanted to speak to Liz and Scott. Liz told him that Kim was testifying in Franco’s behalf. Scott said he was going to ruin Kim’s credibility. Julian understood what they wanted to do. Julian said Kim needed help. Julian told Liz and Scott that he needed to tell them something. Liz thanked him for the information. When Julian left, Scott said Julian gave them a win.

Finn got a call about a patient. When Finn went to check on the patient, Hayden showed up. She told him the patient was his daughter.

General Hospital 10-22-19 Recap 22nd October 2019.


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