General Hospital 10-23-19 Recap 23rd October 2019

General Hospital 10-23-19
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General Hospital 10-23-19 Recap 23rd October 2019

General Hospital 10-23-19, Finn was shocked when Hayden said his patient was their daughter. Hayden said it was a lot to think about, but they had to focus on their sick daughter. Finn agreed with her. He wanted to talk about it later.

Finn went to check on Violet. He introduced himself to Violet. He said he would make her feel better. He told Hayden he was bringing in another doctor since there was a rule against working on your relative.

General Hospital 10-23-19 Recap 23rd October 2019

General Hospital 10-23-19

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Finn asked Hayden who Violet was in contact with the past. He said if it was the flu, they had to get in touch with the people she was in contact with. She told him not to leave her out. He wanted to know why he was just meeting his child.

Danny asked Jason when Sam was coming home. Jason said she was going to be at Pentonville for a while. Jason said he was trying to get the charges dropped. Monica showed up. She said Danny and Scout were staying with her.

Jason and Monica talked about Drew. She said she wanted to spend time with Franco so she could find out about Drew. Jason said understood but said that wasn’t going to give her what she wanted.

Franco’s hearing started. Scott and Martin presented their cases. Scott called Jordan to the stand. Jordan talked about the good things he did. Scott called Cameron to the stand. Cameron said Franco changed for the better since being with his family. He talked about what happened with Shiloh and that Franco said he would be back. Martin said he was lying. Cameron was upset.

Franco wanted Martin to stop grilling Cameron. Elizabeth was on the stand. She talked about their love. She said she was keeping her marriage vows no matter what. Martin asked her about her past. He brought up when Drew first came to town and how she kept his identity a secret in the name of love.

General Hospital 10-23-19 Recap 23rd October 2019.


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