General Hospital 10-24-19 Recap 24th October 2019

General Hospital 10-24-19
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General Hospital 10-24-19 Recap 24th October 2019

General Hospital 10-24-19, Liz told the court that she was wrong for keeping Drew’s identity a secret, but Kim was worse for trying to convince Franco that he was someone else. The judge called for a break.

The court case continued. Monica was called to testify. She said DNA didn’t make a person who they are. She said Franco had Drew’s neurology which made him Drew.

General Hospital 10-24-19 Recap 24th October 2019

General Hospital 10-24-19

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Martin called Jason to testify. Martin asked him about seeing Drew that morning. Jason said he asked him about Drew’s time in Afghanistan. Martin asked Jason if Franco was Drew. Jason said only Drew could answer that.

Kim was called to the stand. She said Drew remembered things from their past. She said her son’s biological father is gone, Franco was the Drew she remembered. She said she wanted Liz to see that Franco was gone and Drew was alive because of the sacrifice Franco made to save Cameron’s life.

Scott asked Kim questions. He asked why she thought Drew’s life was worth fighting for, but his son’s wasn’t. He changed the subject. He mentioned how she drugged the real Drew in order to have a baby with him.

Laura, Jax and Curtis met to talk about the codicil. They also talked about Helena’s painting being missing. Curtis was working on a plan. When Jax left, Curtis told Laura they should find the artist of the painting. They found out that Jay Garron painted the picture. Laura wondered if there were clues underneath the painting

Finn was angry at Hayden for lying about their daughter. She said she was just caught taking the money from the hospital and her accident was exposed. She said she thought he hated her. He said he was disappointed but he loved her. He said he wanted a life with her. She said she made a mess of things and didn’t want her child born in prison.

Hayden told Finn that Violet was born in Finland. Hayden said she named their daughter Violet because he liked the flower. She said she was going to tell him about it in Rome, but he didn’t come. She said she was hoping he would have came so they could have worked things out.

Finn said Hayden kept his daughter from him because he moved on. He said she couldn’t get him back. She said she never stopped loving him. He wanted to see Violet. They went to the hospital room..

General Hospital 10-24-19 Recap 24th October 2019.


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