General Hospital 10-25-19 Recap 25th October 2019

General Hospital 10-25-19
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General Hospital 10-25-19 Recap 25th October 2019

General Hospital 10-25-19, Peter wanted to know about Franco’s trial. Maxie wondered why he cared. He said it was because he ran a newspaper. Lucy told him that the condo was ready. Peter said he wasn’t ready to move in. Maxie wanted Lucy to leave so she and Peter could talk about why he didn’t want the place. She thought he was getting cold feet about them living together. He said he was scared something would come between them.

Laura told Kevin the artist who painted Helena’s portrait was dead, but there was a clue in it. Laura thought he was supposed to be at Franco’s hearing. He said he was the last witness. He asked her to come with him to give Liz support.

General Hospital 10-25-19 Recap 25th October 2019

General Hospital 10-25-19

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Diane and Jason went to see Sam. Diane said the case was weak since Bryce was dead. She said they could beat it in court. Diane said the other option was to skip a jury trial and go to the judge. Sam wanted to talk it over with Jason alone.

Jason said he didn’t want her future decided by one person. He said he would support whatever decision she made. She said she wanted to finish it fast. When Diane came back, Sam told her that she wanted the trial with the judge.

Scott asked Kim if she drugged Drew so she could have a child with him against his will. She said she did, but someone stopped her. Kim said she was grieving and was confused. Scott said she still was.

Franco was on the stand next. He answered questions about Drew’s military life. He said Kim drugged the other Drew, but was kind to him. Martin said his being aware of space and time proved that he was of sound mind.

Scott questioned Franco. Franco said he was in Turkey in 2010, but Scott said he was involved in a murderous art installation then. Scott showed him a picture, but Franco said that wasn’t him. Scott said he wasn’t of sound mind.

Kevin was called to the stand. Scott was shocked when Kevin said Franco was in control of his faculties. Kevin said Franco may be Franco legally, but he is conscious of his choices as Drew. Martin got Kevin to say that he didn’t support Liz being Franco’s proxy. The judge made her decision.

General Hospital 10-25-19 Recap 25th October 2019.


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