General Hospital 10-25-21 Recap 25th October 2021

General Hospital 10-25-21 Recap 25th October 2021

General-HospitalGeneral Hospital 10-25-21,

Sonny and Carly talked about Nina. Carly blamed Nina for what happened to them. She said Nina should pay for what she did. Ava went to see Nina at the police station. Ava said Nina thought she had an agenda when she wanted him to pursue Sonny. Nina asked if she did. Ava said she didn’t. She said she cared about her. She wanted her to listen to Scott. She said she couldn’t believe Sonny had her arrested.  Nina couldn’t believe it either. She said they had a good talk about Phyllis.

Jax and Michael talked about Nina keeping Sonny from his family. Jax said Nina was paying for what she did. Michael didn’t think she paid enough. Jax asked how Wiley would feel about it. Michael said she should have thought about Wiley when she kept his grandfather from him. Jax said she was sorry for what she did.

A guard put a gun to Britt. She asked about the wound he had. While she was trying to reason with him, Jason showed up and attacked him. She didn’t want Jason to hurt the guard because he could help find her mother.

General Hospital 10-25-21 Recap 25th October 2021

Jax makes an admission to Michael. Ava reminds Nina of the ace up her sleeve. Anna apologizes to Valentin. Maxie shares Brook Lynn’s concerns. Sasha runs interference when Gladys ruffles feathers.

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Nina wondered if Carly was the one who had her arrested. Ava said to use it to her advantage. She said Nina could play up the fact that they were in love. Michael reminded Jax that Nina lied to them about Sonny for nine months. He said she made them grieve for nothing. He asked Jax how he could expect him to forgive that. Sonny and Carly showed up and told them Nina was arrested. Jax told them Scott was representing Nina. They all went to the police station.

Jason told Britt to get the guard to talk. She asked the guard where her mother was. He said he would take them there. She asked where he was taking them. He said he would take them to Cassadine Island.

Jax showed up at the courthouse. Scott asked Nina if she made a decision. Before she could answer him, Carly, Michael and Sonny showed up at the courthouse.

Ava asked Sonny how he could have Nina arrested. Ava asked if he had to go that far. Carly said Sonny didn’t do it. Ava asked if Carly needed the credit. Michael said Sonny and Carly didn’t have her arrested. He said it was her own fault. Nina asked if he was the one who had her arrested.

Michael told Nina that justice should be served. Jax said it wasn’t justice. He said it was revenge. Ava reminded Nina that she still had the ace up her sleeve if she wanted to use it. The judge showed up in the courtroom. He wanted to know how Nina pled.  She waived her rights. Scott told her he would have her out on bail.

General Hospital 10-25-21 Recap 25th October 2021


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