General Hospital 10-28-19 Recap 28th October 2019

General Hospital 10-28-19
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General Hospital 10-28-19 Recap 28th October 2019

General Hospital 10-28-19,
Brad and Lucas went to therapy. Lucas told Neil that he was worried about Brad. Lucas said Brad has been acting different ever since Wiley came in their lives. Lucas thought Brad was keeping something from him.

Lucas said Brad got flowers from someone. Lucas said he didn’t like his relationship with Nelle. Lucas said he was feeling like an afterthought. Lucas said he was afraid that Brad was changing. Neil liked the way they were handling the situation.

Alexis and Kendra talked about Alexis’ fitness. Kendra said she would have great results. Kendra told her that she had a loss in her life. Sonny showed up. Kendra left so they could talk.

Alexis and Sonny talked about Sam and how she was going to jail. Kendra listened to their conversation. When Sonny left, Kendra came back. Alexis said things were going well with Kristina. When Kristina went to make a call, Kendra switched her supplements. She gave Alexis a new bottle..

General Hospital 10-28-19 Recap 28th October 2019

General Hospital 10-28-19

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The judge said based on the medical testimony, she had to rule in Franco’s favor. Liz was upset. Cameron said it was wrong. The judge said Franco could leave Shadybrook. She said Liz wasn’t his power of attorney. Kim told him welcome to his life. Martin said Franco was free to be who he wanted to be.

Scott and Cameron were worried that Franco would leave. Liz said she and Scott would figure it out. When Franco was about to leave, Cameron confronted him. Kevin showed up at the courthouse. Scott punched him. Laura yelled at him for hitting Kevin. Scott said Kevin was good at ruining lives as his brother.

Franco told his family to accept who he was now. Kevin told Laura that he almost lied for Liz. Liz told Franco that he couldn’t leave without saying bye. She said if he could do it, she would let him go. When everyone left, Kim said they should celebrate. She said they could go away, but he was hesitant.

Julian didn’t think Willow should babysit Wiley. Julian said Brad and Lucas shouldn’t be in therapy. Julian said it wasn’t good to give someone access to your mind. He said look at his sister. Brad and Lucas showed up.

Julian confronted Brad about the session. Brad said he was taking care of it. Brad said he got a text from Obrecht. He said she wanted him to undo something he did. Julian told him to change the password to his phone. Julian said Willow was asking questions. Julian said he should reassure her.

General Hospital 10-28-19 Recap 28th October 2019.


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