General Hospital 10-7-19 Recap 7th October 2019

General Hospital 10-7-19
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General Hospital 10-7-19 Recap 7th October 2019

General Hospital 10-7-19, Lulu wanted to talk to Nina before the wedding. Nina was upset with her. Michael took Sasha in the church. Maxie said Valentin was anxious. Lulu said what she had to tell Nina couldn’t wait. Sasha was nervous. Maxie told Lulu not to do this. Lulu didn’t say anything.

The wedding got started. Obrecht gave Nina and Valentin her blessing. Nina told Valentin that she was broken before they met. She said she loved him. He said she was the love of his life. He said he didn’t want to be apart. He thanked her for believing in him.

General Hospital 10-7-19 Recap 7th October 2019

General Hospital 10-7-19

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When the reverend asked if anyone objected, Lulu stood up. She said it was important. She said Nina needed to know the truth. Nina was upset with Lulu. Lulu said Nina wasn’t her daughter. Lulu said she heard Sasha and Obrecht say it. Nina asked Sasha to tell the truth about being her daughter. Sasha didn’t say anything.

Dev told Jason and Sam that he saw Peter with a gym bag. Dev said Peter seemed worried about Shiloh when he talked to him. When Dev left, Sam told Jason that Peter and Shiloh were working together.

Joss told Jax the truth about Dev. She said Sonny wanted to help him. She said she did too. She said she wasn’t forced to help him. Jax said the situation needed to be fixed. Joss didn’t want him to go away. Jax said he saw it differently from Sonny. When Sonny showed up, Joss left.

Jax yelled at Sonny. Jax said he hasn’t changed. Jax said he was going to protect Joss from whoever Dev was running from. Jax said he didn’t want Joss in the middle. Jax wanted Dev out of the house. He said he didn’t want to stress Carly out by taking Joss out of the house. Jax was upset that Sonny didn’t care.

Sam and Jason went to see Spinelli. They told him that they thought there was a connection between Peter and Shiloh. Spinelli said he overheard Peter on the phone when Shiloh was being transferred. Spinelli said Peter called a burner phone. They looked through financial records.

Spinelli hacked in Peter’s bank account. They saw how Peter took out money. They assumed it was for Shiloh. They hope it is true even though it would break Maxie’s heart. Jason didn’t want to say anything until they had proof.

General Hospital 10-7-19 Recap 7th October 2019.


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