General Hospital 10-8-19 Recap 8th October 2019

General Hospital 10-8-19
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General Hospital 10-8-19 Recap 8th October 2019

General Hospital 10-8-19, Nina asked Sasha to tell Lulu that she was her daughter. Valentin said Lulu was trying to hurt Nina. Obrecht said Lulu didn’t want to see Nina and Valentin happy. Nina thought Lulu wanted everyone miserable because her husband left her. Maxie thought Lulu misheard something, but Lulu said she didn’t.

Nina wanted Sasha to tell everyone that she was Nina’s daughter. Sasha told everyone that she wasn’t. Sasha said the DNA tests were fake. Nina said no one could fake three DNA tests. Sasha said it was a plan to make Nina happy. Nina said Valentin always said that to her.

General Hospital 10-8-19 Recap 8th October 2019

General Hospital 10-8-19

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Sasha said she did it because she needed money. Sasha said she ended up loving Nina. Nina said what she did wasn’t love. She said it was a betrayal. Nina took off the necklace Sasha gave her. Nina said she was nothing.

Nina accused Valentin of being responsible for what was going on. Nina ran out of the church and saw Jax. She wanted him to get her out of there.

Michael told everyone at the church that Sasha wanted to tell the truth. They were shocked that he knew the truth. Valentin told Obrecht that the limo was gone. He wondered where Nina was.

Maxie asked Obrecht if she knew. Obrecht said Lulu misunderstood. Obrecht said she would never dishonor Nathan by hurting her. Obrecht left to find Nina. Maxie wanted Peter to promise that they would never keep secrets from each other.

Valentin yelled at Lulu for breaking Nina’s heart just to get back at him. He told her she would pay for what she did. Curtis said he would find out how three DNA tests were wrong.

Brad talked to Nelle on the phone. She said she needed his help. She wanted him to come visit her. He said he had Wiley with him. She told him to bring Wiley. He said he wouldn’t bring Wiley.

Brad went to see Nelle. She wanted him to sign a document on her behalf. She wanted him to say that she wasn’t rational when she tried to kill Michael. She reminded him of what she did for him and Lucas. He agreed to help her.

Brad wanted to know what she would do about Wiley if she got parole. Nelle was finished talking to him. She told the guard that she wanted to go. Ava went to see Ryan. She told him to stop sending her letters because the letters were eating her soul. He said she was killing herself.

Ryan said he was the only one who understood her. He said when he was with her she was happy. He said they could start to heal once she admitted she loved him.

Ryan ran into Nelle. She told him that he might be getting paroled soon. He said he might ask her for something when she got out. She was willing to do it.

General Hospital 10-8-19 Recap 8th October 2019.


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