General Hospital 10-9-19 Recap 9th October 2019

General Hospital 10-9-19
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General Hospital 10-9-19 Recap 9th October 2019

General Hospital 10-9-19, Sam and Jason tell Sonny about Peter’s connection to Shiloh. Jason thought Peter was framing Sam. Jason didn’t care what Peter meant to Anna or Maxie if he’s framing Sam. Sam was concerned about Maxie. Sam thought they should get proof before they did anything. Jason thought things would be worse if they didn’t do anything.

General Hospital 10-9-19 Recap 9th October 2019

General Hospital 10-9-19

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Jordan let Spinelli listen to Sam’s interrogation. He found something. Robert told Jordan that he interviewed Daisy. He said she kept saying that she gave herself to Shiloh. They talked about whether or not Daisy would be a good witness. Robert got a call from someone. He said he had to tell someone something in person.

Jordan met up with Spinelli. He played her the part of the recording that interested him. Sam showed up and found out that Spinelli couldn’t verify that the recording was real. He said he found enough red flags. He said all of the charges should be dropped.

Maxie talked to Peter about betrayal when she tried to call Nina and didn’t get an answer. She told him that she knew he wouldn’t betray her the way Valentin betrayed Nina. Peter was afraid that she wouldn’t always feel that way. She said she would as long as he didn’t mess up. Jason showed up.

Jason thanked Peter for getting Dev and Wiley to the hospital. Jason wanted to know why Peter was carrying a gym bag when there are no gyms by the dock. Maxie said the bag had money for an apartment. Jason took a call from Sam. She told him that the police found who helped Shiloh. Jason told Peter and Maxie the news.

Martin met with Kim about representing Drew. Martin wanted to take the case. He said he would be putting Drew in the center of the ring of publicity concerning his identity. They talked about Elizabeth and Franco. Kim said she felt bad for Liz, but she was afraid that she would lose Drew again. Martin told her how he was going to help.

Monica went to see Franco at the hospital. She said she was sorry about what happened to him. She said she worked hard to hold on to the children she had left, but she should have focused on what he needed. He said he was sorry for taking his anger out on her.

Monica talked to Franco about the family. She said they would have looked for him had they known about him. She said she was there now. He thanked her. He said he would have reached out sooner, but he heard about their reputation.

Martin and Kim went to see Franco. Martin told him that strategy he was using for his defense. Martin wanted him to get all the medals and commendations Drew earned risking his life to save the country. Franco was okay. Martin needed a list of people who would testify. Franco only knew one person but wasn’t sure if they would take the stand.

Liz talked to Scott about strategy. Cameron interrupted and said he would testify. Scott said he would get grilled on the stand. Cameron wanted to help Franco. When Cameron left, Liz said to use Kim’s grief against her.

Robert met with Monica. He said the search for Drew found no survivors. Robert said Drew would be declared dead.

General Hospital 10-9-19 Recap 9th October 2019.


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