General Hospital 11-13-19 Recap 13th November 2019

General Hospital 11-13-19
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General Hospital 11-13-19 Recap 13th November 2019

General Hospital 11-13-19,

Jax was upset with Nikolas for helping Cassandra escape from prison. Jax said he didn’t agree to that. Lucas confronted Julian about coming between him and Brad. Julian said he didn’t try to come between them. Lucas didn’t believe him. Julian ended up confessing to it.

Brad talked to Obrecht about his problems. She said it wasn’t her fault. Lulu panicked over Charlotte being missing. Charlotte wanted to know if her parents are safe. Cassandra told her to be patient. Cassandra wanted her to be nicer to her.

General Hospital 11-13-19 Recap 13th November 2019

General Hospital 11-13-19

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Jax accused Nikolas of helping Cassandra. Nikolas said why he was helping her. Jax said he should have told him. Nikolas said he could compartmentalize. Jason showed up and wanted to talk.

Lucas told Julian that he didn’t expect him to tell the truth. Lucas said he heard the recording that Brad made. Julian asked how much he heard. Lucas said he heard how he threatened Brad and tried to break up his marriage.

Valentin and Nina went to Jordan about Cassandra. Jordan said she escaped. Nina said she didn’t care about Sasha, but she wanted Cassandra to pay. Valentin told Jordan that Cassandra was supposed to be extradited to Hague. They wanted to know what was going on.

Nikolas hid so Jason wouldn’t see him. Jason talked to Jax about Sam. Jason told him what happened when Cassandra escaped. Jason told him who the truck was registered to.

Brad told Julian not to lie to him anymore. Brad said he and Wiley couldn’t take it. A police officer questioned Obrecht and Brad about Charlotte. A police officer told Lulu and Maxie that a fugitive being loose. Valentin and Nina were upset about Charlotte being missing. Valentin thought Cassandra was responsible.

Charlotte told Cassandra to call her father. Charlotte said he would give her anything. Cassandra said she wanted to wait to talk to him.

Jordan told Laura that there was no sign of Cassandra. Jordan thought Cassandra was trying to distract the police. Valentin was convinced that Cassandra had Charlotte.

Jax told Jason that he had nothing to do with Cassandra disappearing. Jason said he didn’t think he did. Jason said they were going to track down the license of the van. Jason noticed footprints in the house. Jason asked who else was there.

Lulu and Maxie went to the police station. Lulu was afraid that Cassandra had her. Maxie said Charlotte might have run away to avoid getting in trouble. Obrecht and Brad argued over Charlotte. Brad wanted her to leave before Lucas saw them together.

Jax told Jason that the footprints could be anybody’s. Jax said he was getting work done. Jason said Carly and Joss were family. Jason said Jax was important to them so he would help him.

Nina accused Lulu of making Charlotte leave. Lulu said everything was fine between her and Charlotte. Nina thought Lulu caused Charlotte to run away. Cassandra called Valentin.

Jason warned Jax that Carly and Joss could get hurt if he was into something shady. Jax said he wouldn’t put them in danger. When Jason left, Jax yelled at Nikolas for making it look as if he had something to do with Cassandra escaping.

Valentin told Cassandra that he would meet her terms if she brought Charlotte to a public place. Lulu and Nina argued over Charlotte. Maxie, Laura and Jordan told them to leave.

Cassandra told Charlotte that she wasn’t letting her go. Charlotte said she heard her tell Valentin that she would. When Charlotte tried to escape, Cassandra stopped her. Anna showed up and told her to let Charlotte go.

General Hospital 11-13-19 Recap 13th November 2019.


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