General Hospital 11-14-19 Recap 14th November 2019

General Hospital 11-14-19
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General Hospital 11-14-19 Recap 14th November 2019

General Hospital 11-14-19,
Anna brought Charlotte to the police station. Charlotte went to Lulu and Valentin. Lulu asked why Charlotte left the restaurant by herself. Charlotte said she wanted to see if the launch was there so she could see Butterscotch. Charlotte said she was sorry. Lulu said they would discuss it when they got home. Charlotte said it was her father’s week and she wanted to see Butterscotch.

Charlotte hoped Lulu wasn’t upset. Lulu said she wasn’t. Charlotte hugged her. Charlotte told her she loved her. Nina and Valentin took Charlotte with them.

General Hospital 11-14-19 Recap 14th November 2019

General Hospital 11-14-19

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Robert saw Anna. He wanted to talk to her. He told her Hayden was back. Anna said she already knew about that. Chase talked to the guard who helped Cassandra get out of work detail. She said she didn’t know who wanted her to do it.

When Chase left, he saw Robert and Anna talking. Chase said he wanted to talk to Robert. Anna left. Chase told Robert to stop interfering in Anna and Finn’s relationship. Robert said things were different now that he and Hayden had a child. Chase was shocked.

Hayden and Finn spent time with Violet. Hayden and Finn told Violet that Finn is her father. Violet wanted to know where he was. Hayden said she moved before Violet was born. She said Finn didn’t know about it. When Violet left, they talked about parenting Violet. While they were talking, Anna came in and saw them together.

Jax was upset with Nikolas for sneaking out again. Jax said he hated that Carly had to lie to Sonny and Joss about him. Jordan showed up. She asked him about the van that Cassandra used to escape. He said his card was stolen. He said he reported it missing. She said she knew about the card, but thought it was convenient considering he was investigating Cassandra.

Jax said he was interested in Valentin and their connection. Jordan told him that Cassandra was dead. She said the case was turning into a murder investigation. She said if he was keeping something from her, this would be the time to say something. He said he had nothing to tell her. When Jordan left, Jax accused Nikolas of murdering Cassandra. Nikolas said he didn’t. Nikolas thought Valentin did it.

Valentin asked Charlotte why she went with Cassandra. Charlotte said she threatened to send Nina to jail. Nina thanked her for protecting her, but Nina would rather go to prison than let anything happen to Charlotte.
General Hospital 11-14-19 Recap 14th November 2019.


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