General Hospital 11-18-19 Recap 18th November 2019

General Hospital 11-15-19
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General Hospital 11-18-19 Recap 18th November 2019

General Hospital 11-18-19,

Jason and Spinelli showed up for Sam’s trial. Diane said a bench trial was a risk, but it was Sam’s choice. Sam was brought in the courtroom. The judge came in to start the case. When the other attorney didn’t show up, Diane suggested that the case be dropped. She said the charges were ridiculous.

The attorney showed up. Gabriel said he was busy talking to the people Shiloh helped. The judge said he was grandstanding. Jason was called to the stand. After he is finished, Sam was called. They talked about what happened to Shiloh. Gabriel said Sam wanted Shiloh wanted her dead. He brought up what the nurse overheard.

General Hospital 11-18-19 Recap 18th November 2019

General Hospital 11-18-19

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Gabriel asked Jason about the fights he had with Shiloh. Diane and Gabriel got in an argument. The judge was tired of them arguing. She wanted to convene so she could make her decision. Spinelli had to take care of something. Diane and Sam talked about the decision. The judge came back with her decision.

Franco went to see Kim. He told her he wasn’t leaving town with her. He told her that it was about what Franco did for him as a kid. She said they could stay. She said he could be friends with Liz and the kids. He said he liked that idea.

Franco said he loved Kim, but he was going to have the procedure reversed. She said that was dangerous. He was determined to get the surgery. He said it wouldn’t be right to hold on to someone else’s life. She said there was nothing left for her there. He said he wished he could love her the way she deserved. They said they loved each other before he left.

Brad and Lucas talked about Julian trying to break them up. Lucas said he cut Julian out of their lives. He said he was sorry that Julian did that to Brad when they were getting close.

TJ told Alexis her symptoms are similar to someone who has been poisoned. Liz and Finn joined TJ. They decided to test Alexis for the poison. They wondered how it got in her food.

Liz came back with the test results. She said it was poison. Alexis was going to be okay because eating paint was the cure. They wondered why Alexis was a target.

Brad went to see Julian. Brad threatened to send Sonny after him if he ever told what he did. Brad that he would get Julian back in the family if Julian kept their secret. Julian didn’t believe him. Julian said he could tell the truth about Sonny’s grandson. Julian finally agreed not to say anything as long as Brad didn’t mess up.

Lucas ran into Obrecht. He yelled at her for what she did to Brad. She said he was in denial if he was blaming her instead of Brad. He said he would go to the police with what he knew. She threatened to tell the truth about Wiley.

Lucas told Obrecht that there was nothing she could tell about Wiley that Brad didn’t know. She said she doubted that. Brad showed up and interrupted their conversation. Obrecht threatened them and walked off. Lucas asked Brad what else he was hiding from him.

General Hospital 11-18-19 Recap 18th November 2019.


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