General Hospital 11-19-19 Recap 19th November 2019

General Hospital 11-19-19
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General Hospital 11-19-19 Recap 19th November 2019

General Hospital 11-19-19,

Franco told Liz that they needed to talk. He said he had a conversation with Scott and wanted to know why she never told him what happened with Jim Harvey. She said it wasn’t her place to say anything. He was surprised that she loved Franco enough not to use it. He said he could barely remember Franco, but finding out that he made Drew’s life possible made him realize that he owed Franco.

Franco told Liz that he was ready to give Franco back his life. He wanted Andre to do the procedure. He said Franco wanted to come back to her. He said he was getting out of the way. She was happy. She thanked him.

General Hospital 11-19-19 Recap 19th November 2019

General Hospital 11-19-19

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Lucas wanted Brad to tell him what he was hiding about Wiley’s father. Brad said Obrecht resented him. He said Julian was jealous of their happiness. Lucas said he was happy, but didn’t think Brad was. Brad said he didn’t know what sacrifices he made. He didn’t want to say anything else and left.

Finn talked to Anna about what was going on with Alexis. Anna told him about Cassandra’s death. Anna wondered who kill her. She told him that her life was with him. She said she came back to be with him. He was glad, but he wondered if she would leave to go after her sister. She said she was afraid her sister would ruin Peter’s life. Finn suggested she spend more time with Peter.

Sonny showed up at the Quartermaines. Olivia showed him and Ned a letter he got from the WSB. Ned left them alone so they could read the letter. When Sonny and Olivia looked at the envelope, they found out the letters she wrote to Dante were returned as well as a letter for her.

Olivia cried when she saw the letter Dante wrote to her telling her to stop writing to him. When Ned came back, Sonny and Olivia said they were dead to Dante. She understood why Dante did it, but didn’t think it would help him heal. Ned and Sonny said Dante would be back.

At the courthouse, the judge found Sam not guilty of murder. Sam and Jason were happy. The judge wasn’t finished. The judge said the court didn’t believe that the killing was premeditated. She said the killing was unnecessary. She convicted Sam of manslaughter and negligent homicide.

The prosecutor wanted arguments for sentencing right away. The prosecutor wanted Sam to get the maximum. The prosecutor brought up Sam’s criminal past and ties to the mob. Diane said Sam is a mother and good for the society.

Sam was sentenced to two years. The judge said she would recommend early release to the parole board. The trial was over. Diane told Sam and Jason that the chances of an appeal were slim. Sam didn’t know why she did this when she could have had a jury trial. Jason told her to take it one day at a time. She was handcuffed and taken away. 

General Hospital 11-19-19 Recap 19th November 2019.


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