General Hospital 11-19-21 Recap 19th November 2021

General Hospital 11-19-21 Recap 19th November 2021

General-HospitalGeneral Hospital 11-19-21,

Valentin told Brook Lynn to tell him that he’s Bailey’s father. She said she couldn’t. She said she didn’t mean for it to go on for so long. She said she thought it would be over before he fell in love with Bailey. He said he loved Bailey as soon as he saw her. He said Bailey was everything to him.

Brook Lynn tried to tell him she never meant to hurt him. He was furious. He said he couldn’t believe she would do this to him. He said she wasn’t the person he thought she was. She said she was a screw up and was selfish. She said there was a reason why she couldn’t tell him the truth.

Dr. Navarro went to check on Sasha. The doctor wanted to do an ultrasound. When the test was over, the doctor told Sasha that she needed an emergency C-section because of a placental abruption. When Sasha was taken to the O.R., Brando asked if Sasha was in danger too. The doctor said it was possible which was why they had to act fast.

Brando went to the O.R. He wanted to be with Sasha when the doctor wanted to deliver the baby. Dr. Navarro held up the baby so they could see him. The doctor put the baby to the side. Brando wanted to know why the baby wasn’t crying.

General Hospital 11-19-21 Recap 19th November 2021

Those on Cassadine Island face life-or-death consequences. Chase begins to connect the dots. Brook Lynn gets cornered. Elizabeth is concerned. Maxie and Nina worry about the costs of their secrets.

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General Hospital 11-19-21 Recap 19th November 2021


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