General Hospital 11-21-19 Recap 21st November 2019

General Hospital 11-19-19
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General Hospital 11-21-19 Recap 2st November 2019

General Hospital 11-21-19,

Jason told Carly that Sam was going to prison for two years. He said he would do anything to get Sam out. He said he didn’t know what to tell the kids. She said they would figure it out together. She wondered if he was mad at Sam for what she did. He said he wasn’t. He said he was frustrated.

Jason told Carly that he wished they thought of the kids before going after Shiloh. Carly told him that the kids need him now. She said he couldn’t be daring and taunt the police.

General Hospital 11-21-19 Recap 21st November 2019

General Hospital 11-21-19

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Nina went to Jax’s place. She gave him a wedding invitation. He said it seemed fast. She said it was drawn out for her. He said he wasn’t going to the wedding.

Jax said Nina was too good of a person to be with a criminal. He thought she wanted him to talk her out of the wedding. She thought he was patronizing her. She said he was no better than Valentin. While they were arguing, she said she wasn’t marrying Valentin. She said she was going to destroy Valentin.

Ava found Valentin in her room. He asked her about Helena’s painting. He reminded Ava that she owed him because of her face. She told him that she saw Nikolas at every corner. Valentin asked about Helena’s painting again. He said Laura has been after him for a while because she thought there was something hidden in it. He said Jax and Hayden were after him too. Ava wasn’t interested in helping him. She told him to leave.

Hayden asked Anna if she was marrying Finn. They ended up comparing their mothering skills. Hayden reminded Anna about the way she treated Robin. Hayden said Anna was no different from her. Hayden said the timing was right to tell Finn the truth. Anna thought it was because she was gone.

Anna told Hayden that she was happy that Violet was a part of Finn’s life. Anna said Hayden was trying to rebuild a relationship with Finn. Hayden said she already had a relationship with him and always would.

Curtis told Jordan about his problem exposing Valentin to Nina. Jordan suggested he let Nina figure it out on her own. Jordan thought Nina might know the truth and could live with it.

Nikolas snuck into Wyndemere. Charlotte caught him. He said he worked for Valentin as a bodyguard. He said she had to keep him being there a secret. He asked if he could keep her safe and keep the bad people away. Nikolas grabbed a fire poker and hid when Valentin showed up.

General Hospital 11-21-19 Recap 21st November 2019.


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