General Hospital 11-22-19 Recap 22nd November 2019

General Hospital 11-19-19
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General Hospital 11-22-19 Recap 22nd November 2019

General Hospital 11-22-19,

Sonny caught Carly on the phone leaving a message for Jax. Sonny was upset. He said Jax was working against him. She said Jax would have done something by now. They got into an argument over it. Anna talked to Jason about Cassandra. He told her what was going on with Cassandra. He also told her about Sam. Anna felt bad about asking him to meet her. He said the kids didn’t know yet. She said to be honest with them. When Jason left, Finn showed up.

General Hospital 11-22-19 Recap 22nd November 2019

General Hospital 11-22-19

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Anna told Finn what happened with Hayden. Anna told him that she thinks Hayden wants to get back together with him.

Nina told Jax that she knows that Valentin was behind what happened with Sasha. Nina said she’s going to string him along. She said she’s going to break his heart at the wedding. Jax said she shouldn’t get revenge because it is a waste of energy. He said she should break up with Valentin.

Nina said she realized that when Charlotte was kidnapped that Valentin and Charlotte were her family. She said it didn’t matter what she did. Jax didn’t want her to say that Valentin was a good father. He said Sonny was too. He said that was how Carly justified being with Sonny. He said he couldn’t stop Nina from being with Valentin, but he could give her a better option.

Hayden showing up at Wyndemere kept Nikolas from hitting Valentin with the fire poker. Nikolas hid and listened to them. Valentin told Hayden that he would give her a half a million dollars if she told him what was important about the painting. She said she didn’t know anything about it.

Valentin warned Hayden that he had ways to get the information and it wouldn’t be good. She agreed to his terms. She said there was a reason why Helena gave the painting to Nikolas.

Jason went to see Monica. He told her about Sam. He said he had to tell Danny about Sam, but was glad Scout was too young to understand. Monica was glad to have the kids with her. She told him not to take any chances with his life.

Nikolas went to Jax’s place. Jax told him that Nina invited him to her wedding. Nikolas said she was a fool. Jax said she was a good person who was lied to. He said he was going to tell her the truth if they didn’t find the codicil before her wedding. 

General Hospital 11-22-19 Recap 22nd November 2019.


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