General Hospital 11-26-19 Recap 26th November 2019

General Hospital 11-19-19
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General Hospital 11-26-19 Recap 26th November 2019

General Hospital 11-26-19,

Alexis was surprised that Neil thought Kendra was poisoning her. He told her about what happened at Charlie’s. Alexis didn’t know why Kendra would poison her. He said he had to see a patient. He wanted her to think about when she met Kendra and when she started feeling sick.

Kendra went to see Alexis. Kendra said she was glad Alexis was better. Alexis said she was poisoned. Alexis said the police thought someone was trying to kill her. Kendra said she had to go. Kendra gave her a pill for anxiety. Alexis said she shouldn’t mix the pill with what she was taking. Kendra said it was holistic. Kendra tried to get her to take the pill, but Neil came back. When Kendra left, Alexis asked him to have the pill analyzed.

General Hospital 11-26-19 Recap 26th November 2019

General Hospital 11-26-19

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Valentin called Hayden. He told her he was ready to transfer the money in her account. She said she didn’t have an offshore accoint.  She said she would be in touch.

Laura went to see Jax. She told him that she was afraid that Valentin was on to them. She thought Valentin knew about the painting and that they are trying to find it. Jax said they need to find out what Ava did with it. Martin showed up.

Martin told Jax that he was there because of Helena’s paintings. Martin said his client bought the painting. He said the client was willing to accept an offer from them for it. Martin showed them a picture to prove that the client had the painting. He left his number so they could think about it. When Martin left, Laura and Jax were suspicious. They wondered if Valentin knew about the codicil.

Hayden met Nikolas. He confronted her about making a deal with Valentin for info on the painting. She said he threatened her. She said she wished she wasn’t involved. He said he would help her get out of the mess.  He said he could help her leave town and give her a new identity. Hayden said she wasn’t leaving because her daughter just met her father. He said it was too dangerous. He said it would only be temporarily until he took care of Valentin. She said she would think about it. When Nikolas left, someone grabbed her.


General Hospital 11-26-19 Recap 26th November 2019.


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