General Hospital 11-28-19 Recap 28th November 2019

General Hospital 11-19-19
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General Hospital 11-28-19 Recap 28th November 2019

General Hospital 11-28-19,

Valentin wasn’t happy that the codicil will leave him homeless and penniless. He thought Helena was why his father changed his will. Valentin and Martin talked about the painting. They wondered how Ava got the painting. Valentin didn’t like how Ava thought she saw Nikolas. He wasn’t happy that Spencer would get everything if the codicil is real. Valentin didn’t like that he would lose his money to a kid who thought he killed his father. Martin wanted to know if he did kill Nikolas. He didn’t answer him.  Martin wanted to know what would happen to Spencer once they find the codicil. Valentin didn’t want to kill Spencer. He wanted to use Spencer at some point.

General Hospital 11-28-19 Recap 28th November 2019

General Hospital 11-28-19

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Nikolas arrived in time to keep Hayden from being attacked. He didn’t want to leave her alone with Valentin around. She wondered what she would do if Valentin was after her. He thought she should leave town. She was worried about Violet. He thought she could leave Violet with Finn. Later, Hayden went to see Finn and Violet. She kissed her on her head. Finn promised to take care of Violet for the night. Hayden left and cried outside.

Nikolas met with Hayden’s assistant and paid her for helping him scare Hayden. Brad and Lucas saw each other at at the hospital. Lucas refused to do anything with him until he told him the truth. Brad didn’t say anything so Lucas walked away. Lucas ran into Brooke Lynn. He talked to her about what was going on with Brad.

Neil went to see Alexis at the hospital. He let her know that the lab was testing the pills Kendra gave her. Alexis couldn’t believe that she believed another con artist. Neil didn’t understand why she needed Kendra at all. He thought she had a lot of good qualities. Neil got the lab results and found out that the pills Kendra gave her were harmless. 

General Hospital 11-28-19 Recap 28th November 2019.


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