General Hospital 11-4-19 Recap 4th November 2019

General Hospital 11-4-19
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General Hospital 11-4-19 Recap 4th November 2019

General Hospital 11-4-19, Obrecht talked to Maxie and Peter about Sasha. Obrecht said she knew that Sasha was a fraud, but didn’t say anything because of Nina. Obrecht said Peter talked her into staying in town. Maxie said she would be a part of her son’s life.

Obrecht went to talk to Sasha. Obrecht wanted to know how much she blamed her. Sasha said she took all of the blame. Obrecht said she faked the lab tests.

General Hospital 11-4-19 Recap 4th November 2019

General Hospital 11-4-19

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Michael wanted Sasha to work at ELQ. She didn’t want to. He reminded her of Lucy’s offer. Sasha said she didn’t want to capitalize on hurting Nina. Sasha wanted to have an easy life.

Julian and Laura talked about Ava being in Shadybrook. They talked about Ava hallucinating about seeing Nikolas. Laura said the loss was painful. Julian thanked her for helping Ava. He said he was afraid Ava would lose custody of Avery. Laura said she would talk to Sonny.

Jordan and Curtis asked Nina how she was coping without Valentin. They were surprised to see Valentin there. Nina defended Valentin. When Jordan and Curtis left, Obrecht showed up. She apologized to Nina. Nina said she forgave her. Obrecht hoped they could move on.

When Nina walked away, Obrecht warned Valentin not to be happy. She said if the tests were done again, it will say that Sasha was Nina’s daughter. Obrecht said it would raise questions.

Lucas accused Brad of cheating on him because he saw the naked picture on the phone. Brad said he was innocent. He said he would text the guy back to prove it. He ended up texting Julian.

Brad got another text from Obrecht. She wanted him to make sure their tracks were covered about Sasha. Lucas wanted to see the texts. Brad said it was personal. Lucas wanted him to leave.

Laura talked to Sonny about Ava being in Shadybrook. He wondered if Ava should be around Avery. Laura said she hoped he wouldn’t use that against Ava. He wouldn’t say if he would or not.

Nikolas was upset with Jax and Hayden for telling Laura about the plan. Nikolas wanted to know when they were going to take care of Valentin. Jax told him about their deal. There was a flashback of Nikolas coming to him for help. The codicil disinherited Valentin and left Nikolas everything.

Jax told Nikolas that it was time to rethink things. They got in an argument over Nikolas revealing himself to Ava. Nikolas said Ava would get what she deserved. Hayden said Spencer would get what he is owed. She is supposed to get a cut of the money. Jax agreed to help as long as it ends fast.

Brad went to see Julian. Brad said Lucas kicked him out. Brad said he wasn’t cheating. Julian said he was behind everything. Brad was confused. Julian said he was protecting Lucas. He said the pain of Brad cheating would hurt less than the truth about Wiley. Brad said he wouldn’t do it. Julian threatened him. Julian told him to leave town.

Curtis and Jordan went to the hospital. He wanted to check on Sasha’s lab test. They found out that it said Sasha was Nina’s daughter.

General Hospital 11-4-19 Recap 4th November 2019.


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