General Hospital 11-8-19 Recap 8th November 2019

General Hospital 11-6-19
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General Hospital 11-8-19 Recap 8th November 2019

General Hospital 11-8-19,

Curtis had permission to talk to Sam while she was on work detail. She told him that Cassandra is her cell mate. He warned her that Cassandra was dangerous. He said Cassandra had a lot of enemies.

Nina went to visit Nathan’s grave. Valentin showed up. He said he was worried about what Jax and Hayden were looking for at Wyndemere. Valentin thought that Laura was in on it since she was concerned about Helena’s painting. Nina told him not to worry about it.

General Hospital 11-8-19 Recap 8th November 2019

General Hospital 11-8-19

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Nina talked to Valentin about Cassandra. Nina was scared that someone would break her out again. Nina said Cassandra should be in prison for what she did to Sasha. Nina said Sasha’s pain was real. He asked her if she wanted to find her real daughter. She said her daughter was never born.

Curtis wanted to talk to Sasha. He wanted her to tell him the truth because he knew she didn’t work alone. She wouldn’t say any names. He said he ran the test on the samples again and it said she was a match for Nina. He said someone had to give her a sample to give him. He said Valentin was the only one who could do it. Curtis said he knew she wouldn’t tell that Valentin helped her because she didn’t want to hurt Nina. He said that wouldn’t help Nina.

Martin went to see Nelle after he found out she was married. He wanted to know why he wasn’t there for the hearing. She said he might not have helped her. He asked who her husband was. She said he’s dead and had nothing to do with it.

Martin said he wasn’t going to represent her because he couldn’t trust her. She said when she got out of prison, she and her lawyer were going to be rich. When she told him the plan, he realized that she would have a lot of money. She said that was why he had to get her out of there. He said her new parole hearing wasn’t going to happen. She said time was running out. If they didn’t do something right away, the money would be gone. He said he would help her.

Nikolas was in a van at the park. Cassandra noticed him. She pretended to be hurt to get the guard’s attention. Cassandra hit her in the head with a shovel. Cassandra ran away. Sam called for help. Cassandra got in the van. She noticed that they weren’t going to the airport. He said he was taking her where no one would find her.

General Hospital 11-8-19 Recap 8th November 2019.


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