General Hospital 12-03-21 Recap 3rd December 2021

General Hospital 12-03-21 Recap 3rd December 2021

General-HospitalGeneral Hospital 12-03-21,

Carly and Sonny ran into Nina at the hospital. Nina tried to tell them about what was going on with Sasha and the baby, but Carly didn’t want to hear anything from her. Carly walked off to look for Monica. Sonny asked Nina about Sasha’s baby. Nina said the baby was okay for now. She said Sasha and Brando should get more information.

Carly left Monica a message. Carly said she knew about the pain she was going through. She said despite all of their years of arguing, she said she never thanked her for Jason. She said Jason loved her. She thought Monica would have wanted to hear that. Nina overheard Carly’s message.

Britt told Sasha and Brando that and EEG was scheduled for Liam. Britt said they wouldn’t know anything until then. Brando wanted to know what they could do. Britt said to let the therapy take its course. She said they needed to take care of themselves in order to take care of their son.

Britt ran into Carly. Britt asked her how she was doing. Carly said she wanted to be there for Sasha and Brando, but there was nothing she could do for them or Jason. Britt said Jason had faith in her and said she was strong enough to survive anything. Carly said she wasn’t sure now that she doesn’t have Jason to count on. Carly said she would be okay, but not today.

General Hospital 12-03-21 Recap 3rd December 2021

Carly gets an uneasy feeling from something she sees. Sonny gives Brando advice about being a father. Valentin makes a move to gain closure. Maxie is surprised by who she finds. Britt makes an assumption about Austin.

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General Hospital 12-03-21 Recap 3rd December 2021


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