General Hospital 12-07-21 Recap 7th December 2021

General Hospital 12-07-21 Recap 7th December 2021

General-HospitalGeneral Hospital 12-07-21,

Michael apologized to Carly for not being there for her when she found out about Carly. They talked about Jason for a little bit. She asked him about his trip to New York. He told her about the fun he and Wiley had.

Willow was outside of the chapel while Sonny and Nina were talking. Willow heard Sonny say what happened between them in Nixon Falls needed to come from him. Nina said she didn’t regret what happened between them because their love was pure. Willow walked off. Sonny asked Nina not to text him again.

Nina said she texted Sonny to warn him about Peter. She said she didn’t want to hurt him or Carly anymore than she has. Sonny said Peter wouldn’t be causing any problems because he killed Jason. Nina said she regretted what she robbed him of. He said they needed to move on and live separate live. Sonny left.

Carly talked to Michael about Brando and Sasha’s baby. While they were getting an update on the baby, Willow showed up. Carly and Michael wondered what was going on. Before Willow could answer the question, Sonny showed up. They talked about Jason. Sonny said Peter was going to pay for what he did.

General Hospital 12-07-21 Recap 7th December 2021

Sonny challenges Nina. Willow ponders her next move. Maxie confronts her past. Esme plays into Trina’s insecurities. Josslyn questions Spencer’s relationship.

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General Hospital 12-07-21 Recap 7th December 2021


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