General Hospital 12-11-19 Recap 11th December 2019

General Hospital 11-19-19
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General Hospital 12-11-19 Recap 11th December 2019

General Hospital 12-11-19,

Ned confronted Brook Lynn about firing her mother as her manager. She said she thought Linc would be better, but he didn’t work out. She asked him to help her out. He looked at her contract. He couldn’t believe she signed a contract without talking to a lawyer.

Harmony went to see Willow. Harmony said she was released due to overcrowding. Harmony said she wanted to be a mother to Willow. Willow told her that Wiley’s father was in the hospital. Harmony wondered if she could meet her grandson. Willow let her know that Brad and Lucas let her spend time with Wiley. She said she had to respect their boundaries and not do anything without permission. Willow showed her a picture of Wiley.

General Hospital 12-11-19 Recap 11th December 2019

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General Hospital 12-11-19

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Alexis talked to Julian at the hospital. He said he was worried about Lucas’ future. She said Lucas would be okay because he is strong like his father. She told him not to give in to his destructive tendencies.

Olivia found Lulu in the waiting room. Olivia asked her about Lucas. They talked about Brook Lynn. Lulu apologize for the way she acted on Thanksgiving. Olivia understood that Brook Lynn pushed her. Lulu asked about Dante. Olivia said he didn’t want her to get in touch with him.

Olivia ran into Julian. She told him that she was praying for him. She said he could visit Leo whenever he wanted. He said Leo was better off without him.

Lulu went over the details of what happened with Alexis and Kendra with Alexis. Alexis said Julian helped save their lives.

Martin met with Nelle. She told him that she had to get out of prison. He wanted to know why she needed to leave tonight. She told him about Brad and Lucas getting in an accident. He said it wasn’t likely that she was getting out early.

Nelle asked Martin about her medical issues. He said that was old. He said her life would have to be in danger in order for her to get out. She had an idea. She told him that she would be in touch with him.

Nelle went to see Ryan. He was getting treated for an infection. She asked him to get her out of prison. They talked about the plan. He thought the plan would worj, but wanted to know what was in it for him. She said she would get him pictures of Ava. Nelle said she would be his eyes and ears for Ava. He wanted to make some changes to the plan.

Chase went to see Ryan. Chase saw Ryan standing over Nelle. She was stabbed. 


General Hospital 12-11-19 Recap 11th December 2019.


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