General Hospital 12-17-21 Recap 17th December 2021

General Hospital 12-17-21 Recap 17th December 2021

General-HospitalGeneral Hospital 12-17-21,

Curtis told Portia that he was upset about TJ giving Marshall a chance. He said Stella was acting as if she was going to invite Marshall to Sunday dinner. Portia asked if he was afraid of getting hurt. Curtis said he didn’t have the power to hurt him. She said some wounds wouldn’t heal.

Portia asked if Curtis would ever accept his father. He said he wanted to know where his father has been and why he left. She said he was acting as if Marshall was dangerous. Curtis said they still didn’t know who jumped Joey Novak outside of his club. He thought Marshall was involved.

Curtis called Drew and asked if he wanted to investigate his father’s disappearance. Drew said he would help. When Curtis got off the phone, Portia asked what would happen if it turned out Marshall wanted to be his father.

Sasha told Brando that she didn’t want to wallow anymore. She said Liam needed them. He said they could take all the time they needed. Sasha said Sonny made her realize that time wouldn’t change anything. She said Liam would have lived a wonderful life. She said she wasn’t ready for this, but they could show Liam what real love was.

General Hospital 12-17-21 Recap 17th December 2021

Olivia runs interference. Sam brings Scout to see Drew. Curtis talks with Portia about his concerns. Britt and Elizabeth have an unexpected interaction. Sasha and Brando bolster each other.

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Carly and Olivia saw Nina and Sonny together. Carly and Olivia heard Nina tell Sonny that his father would be proud of him and Mike. Carly was furious. Olivia said she would handle it. Olivia dragged Nina off so they could talk.

When Sonny and Carly were alone, she said she didn’t want to talk about Nina when Sasha and Brando needed them the most. Olivia let Nina know that she saved her. She told Nina that the only reason why Carly hasn’t done anything yet is because she was happy to have her husband back. Nina said she got the message. Nina told her to worry about her own marriage.

Brando and Sasha met with Britt, Liz and Dr. Fleming by the NICU. Dr. Fleming said they would disconnect Liam’s oxygen and gave him a shot of morphine so he wouldn’t feel any pain. Sasha asked if she could hold him so he wasn’t alone. Brando and Sasha got ready so they could go in the ER with Liz and Dr. Fleming. Britt went back to where Sonny, Carly and Nina were. Carly asked if it was over.

Sasha held Brando. She said she would love Liam forever. Brando asked Mike to look out for their son. Mike’s ghost showed up and agreed to look out for Liam.

Marshall met with Stella. He told her her secret was safe with him. She said it wasn’t about her. She said he chose to leave. She said he asked her sister to tell her children he was dead. She said her sister told her the truth. She said she went along with the lie because he wasn’t supposed to come back. He said she couldn’t blame him for wanting to be a part of Curtis and TJ’s lives. She said she could blame him for leaving. 

General Hospital 12-17-21 Recap 17th December 2021


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