General Hospital 12-20-21 Recap 20th December 2021

General Hospital 12-20-21 Recap 20th December 2021

General-HospitalGeneral Hospital 12-20-21,

Sonny went to see Phyllis at Charlie’s. Nina walked in while he was there. Phyllis left to take a phone call. Sonny assured Nina that. Peter wouldn’t be around for long. She was shocked that he would still be willing to kill someone. He said it was best Peter was left in limbo. He left when Phyllis came back. Nina and Phyllis talked about Sonny behind more like Mike than himself. Phyllis saw that the connection was still there. Nina didn’t think it was there. Phyllis questioned her but Nina wasn’t sure what to do. Phyllis warned her that things hidden in the dark tend to fester. She thought she needed to come to terms with how she felt so she could move on with her life.

Obrecht ran into Carly and offered her condolences about Jason. Carly was shocked she said that. Obrecht reminded her that Jason saved hers and Britt’s lives. Carly sat down as Michael showed up. She talked to him about the cruelty of the world. She felt like she should be grateful. She took his hand and she wanted him to give her an update about Wiley. Brad’s hearing brought back a lot of memories. She said what Brad did to their family was as bad as what Nina did to them. He let Carly know that Brad was released and was there with Selina.

General Hospital 12-20-21 Recap 20th December 2021

Scott’s concerned about Nina’s impending hearing. Nina seeks Phyllis’ ear. Willow feels raw as she’s reminded of her past. Carly checks in with Michael. Spencer gets an unexpected visitor at Kelly’s.

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Scott met with Obrecht and talked about Nina’s case. He told her that he didn’t have much of a defense for her. She told him that she thought Nina and Sonny fell for each other. They didn’t think Carly knew about it or Nina would be there. They wondered if Sonny gave Phyllis hush money to keep quiet about it. Scott noticed Sonny was sitting with Carly and Michael. He went over to them and told them the DA would go through Nina’s case.

Scott and Obrecht went back to their table. He said that he couldn’t keep Nina’s secret. He suspected that Sonny was still in love woth Nina. He wanted to use it as leverage. Obrecht worries about Nina’s safety around Carly. He wanted to find someone who knew about Nina’s time in Nixon Fallls. Michael told Sonny that he let her know that he told Selina that he would protect his family no matter what. Carly said his attitude could cause another ear. Sonny said he was the one who made the deal with her. He insist he made the deal with her.

Victor and Spencer got to know each other. They talked about the growing tension in their family. Spencer said he was done with his father. Victor understood that. He said he had legal problems and offered to do something. He told Spencer that he’s the future of the family. Victor wanted to know where he and Esme were living. He told him that he was staying with him. 

Laura went to see Cyrus in prison. He was waiting for this day to come. She refused to let him keep her from her family. He said the last assassin he hired was his last chance of revenge. He said that he didn’t try to kill her. She said she didn’t believe him. He insisted that he changed. She didn’t think he had a heart. He warned her that she was in danger. She thought he was threatening her. He told her that it wasn’t a threat. He warned her that someone meant to harm her and it wasn’t him.

Victor met with one of his people. She told him about Laura going back to town. He thought their plan to flush her out with out with a murder plan was working better than he thought.

General Hospital 12-20-21 Recap 20th December 2021


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