General Hospital 12-21-21 Recap 21st December 2021

General Hospital 12-21-21 Recap 21st December 2021

General-HospitalGeneral Hospital 12-21-21,

Laura and Kevin reunited by sharing a kiss in his office. She talked to him about the assassination attempt on her and how she met with Cyrus. She said that Cyrus told her that he didn’t try to assassinate her. He told her that he found God. Kevin didn’t believe Cyrus. She thought Cyrus was serious. She told him that there was another threat coming from their family. They talked about Victor’s release. She said he was laying low. She said when the Cassadines are being nice they are the most dangerous. He didn’t think she should go to the tree lighting ceremony. She was finished with hiding. Laura didn’t know her assistant was listening outside of the door.

Drew and Liz reunited. They talked about Jake. They talked about how he’s doing considering he lost Jason. Drew wouldn’t blame her or Jake if they resented him for Jason’s death. She said Jason was always running into danger. She didn’t blame him for what happened. She said it was bad timing because it was almost a year since she lost Franco. She asked how he felt losing Jason and Franco. He was thankful to be home. He did feel that he was dealing with a lot of loss. Liz knew he was special to Franco. She knew that he treated Franco with kindness when other people didn’t do that. He didn’t want to be a prisoner of the past.

General Hospital 12-21-21 Recap 21st December 2021

Today is Port Charles’ tree lighting ceremony. Santa Claus’ appearance at General Hospital results in a surprising reunion. Drew and Elizabeth see each other for the first time since his return to town. Spencer catches Trina and Nikolas in conversation. Finn brings Violet to holiday tea with Anna.

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Drew asked Liz if she was looking for someone special. He wasn’t sure if it was too soon. She said she was busy with work, but there was someone she might be interested in seeing. Drew complimented her and said the person wouldn’t know what he was missing. Nikolas ran into Trina. They talked about jewelry for Ava. They also talked about Spencer. She wondered if he would be willing to give Spencer another chance. Spencer and Esme arrived and wanted to know what was happening. Trina told them that Nikolas asked her opinion about a gift for Ava. Nikolas thanked her for her opinion and wanted to go to tree lighting ceremony. Spencer told him that Laura was back in town. He said she would be at the ceremony. He told him that Victor would be there too so he would be outnumbered. Nikolas walked off. Spencer and Esme invited Trina to go to the ceremony with them.

Victor and Ava talked about Nikolas and Spencer. He wondered if she could get past what Spencer did. She asked him if he was able to get over what Hayden and her mother did. He said she had nothing to fear from him. He said the only ones who had to worry about threats from him are people who cross his family.

Valentin brought Charlotte over to see Bailey. He noticed how Brook Lynn seemed sad. He asked why she was sad when she had everything she wanted. She felt bad for what she did to Charlotte. She apologized for what she did to him. He brought up the shares she gor in return. She said that wasn’t the only reason she did it. He would have been able to understand if Bailey’s father was dangerous, but Chase is an upstanding guy. He wanted to know why she lied about him being the father. He wanted to know if she was in danger. Charlotte returned to the room before she could answer. He warned her that their conversation wasn’t finished. 

General Hospital 12-21-21 Recap 21st December 2021


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