General Hospital 12-22-21 Recap 22nd December 2021

General Hospital 12-22-21 Recap 22nd December 2021

General-HospitalGeneral Hospital 12-22-21,

Deanna told Sasha that she needed someone to go home with her because she had surgery. Brando offered to stay there with her. Alexis’ family gathered for Christmas. Things got a little awkward when Kristina and Alexis questioned whether Sam was going to see Dante and Rocco. She said they were going to see each other. Kristina asked her if things would be awkward for her if she saw Drew. Sam didn’t answer her question.

 The Corinthos family gathered for Christmas. Dante talked to Sonny about what happened last year. He knew that Sonny bought his house. Dante wanted to thank him. Michael and Willow weren’t really surprised to find out that Nina bought a gift for Wiley. Jocelyn asked Carly if she thought they were upset she bought him a gift. Carly thought they knew Nina was going to buy the gift for him. They talked about what happened to Sasha and Brando. Jocelyn wondered if they were going to stop by. Sonny thought they would stop by the house.

Sasha agreed to stay with Brando because he was the only person who knew her pain. She insisted that it was only going to be for one night. She didn’t want to overstep. Gladys got the car ready and saw the baby seat. She was upset and threw it in the backseat. Brando brough Sasha down to the car so she could go home. Gladys wanted to make one stop first. Portia told Curtis how she saw Marshall at the Metro Court. He wanted to know why he talked to her. She told him how Marshall talked to them about abandoning Curtis. She thought they could work things out. Curtis had no intention of making up with Marshall. 

General Hospital 12-22-21 Recap 22nd December 2021

Sonny and Carly revel in holiday time with their family. Monica hosts guests at the Quartermaine mansion. Brando is by Sasha’s side as she’s released. Epiphany meets Marshall when he volunteers at General Hospital. It’s a bit raucous at Alexis’ holiday gathering.

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Maxie, Nina and Obrecht talked about Carly refusing to let her see Wiley on Christmas. Maxie thought she had an ally with Willow. She thought she was letting her see him. Nina said that she let her see him once, but that was done. Obrecht wanted to know what happened to make her change her mind. Michael made a call to check on Nina’s preliminary hearing. He wanted to make sure that everything worked the way it was supposed to. Brando, Sasha and Gladys arrived at the Corinthos mansion.

Nina didn’t want to push Willow and make her get in the middle of her problem. Obrecht and Maxie thought she should. They wanted to know why she wouldn’t do it. Nina thought about Willow confronting her about being in love with Sonny. Nina said she did enough to help her. Obrecht didn’t think she did enough to help her. She picked up her phone to call her. The Corinthos’ welcomed Sasha and Brando. Sonny told Brando that his son is with his uncle Mike. Willow told Sasha that she was sorry about what happened to Liam. Willow told her that she would be happy again. Gladys showed up with gifts. Carly and Sonny assured Sasha that she was a part of their family.

Nina grabbed Obrecht’s phone to keep her from calling Willow. Maxie had to stop them from going on about the phone. Obrecht thought about her conversation with Scotty. Scotty showed up at Maxie’s place. Obrecht wanted some private time with him. He thought she wanted to make love, but she told him that someone else knew that Nina and Sonny fell in love in Nixon Falls. Maxie talked to Nina about her preliminary trial. She thought Scotty could do something to help her. Nina said there was too much evidence against her. He wouldn’t be able to help her. Obrecht wanted Scotty to put Willow on the stand. He didn’t think it was a good idea. She said you wanted something to help NIna and that would help. He said that Willow might lie and her case would be ruined. She wanted him to try anyway.

General Hospital 12-22-21 Recap 22nd December 2021


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