General Hospital 12-23-21 Recap 23rd December 2021

General Hospital 12-23-21 Recap 23rd December 2021

General-HospitalGeneral Hospital 12-23-21,

Laura and Kevin were enjoying their reunion when Nikolas arrived. Laura wanted to talk to him about Spencer. She knew she came down hard on him when he was right about Spencer being the stalker. She thought it was time for him to do right be Spencer. He would stand by her once he owned up to what he did. She thought he should be there for him so no one else would influence him. Kevin thought he needed a strong foundation. She was worried that Spencer would feel indebted to Victor. She begged him to think about what’s best for Spencer.

Alexis told Shawn that she was going back to school. She was going to tell him more, Dante arrived. He told them about a tip they got leading them to some old remains that were dumped in the woods. The remains belong to a known hitman. They found out that it was the gun used to shoot Hayden. Dante told Shawn that he was cleared of all the charges against him. Dante left the house. Alexis said there wasn’t an anonymous tip. Shawn said her nephew was meticulous. Shawn believed Nikolas made the tip. Nikolas arrived while they were talking. Nikolas let Shawn know that the last of the money was transferred to his nonprofit. Shawn told him that he was cleared of the charges against him. Nikolas wished him a good day. Shawn let Alexis know that it wasn’t over even if Nikolas thought it was.

General Hospital 12-23-21 Recap 23rd December 2021

Nina’s preliminary hearing begins. Obrecht pressures Scott. Josslyn and Cameron get interrupted. Trina crosses with Spencer at Kelly’s. Nikolas has a breakfast meeting at the Metro Court Restaurant.

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Victor arrived at Kelly’s and asked Spencer how he felt about his legal problems being over. Spencer was scared. He introduced Trina to Victor. He said he signed a plea deal that morning. He didn’t want to spend a month in jail, but he was grateful to his uncle for his help. Victor was glad that Spencer was friends with someone like her. Obrecht asked Scotty if he had a strategy to get Willow on the stand.

Michael wanted to know how Willow was feeling. He knew she didn’t agree with his decision to bring charges against Nina. She wanted to move on with her life. Carly told Sonny the same thing. She wanted the hearing over with and Nina out of their lives. Nina walked in the courtroom and heard what Carly said about her. She went to her seat. Willow walked over to her to talk. Nina thanked her for not telling anyone the truth. She said she only did it because of Michael and Wiley.

Scotty overheard the DA tell Michael and Willow that it wasn’t a trial. It was a hearing and Scotty was allowed to call anyone he wanted to the stand. Scotty realized he found a way to get Willow on the stand. Victor ran into Obrecht. He reminded her that he saved her from Peter. He said he might not help her next time if she’s in trouble. She was certain there wouldn’t be a next time. He said there always will be an opportunity to save her. He warned her not to get in his way. She told him to stay away from her or he would find out what Scotty was capable of doing.

Nina asked Scotty about the hearing. She wanted to know if there was a chance she could avoid a trial. He thought it was a good bet. The judge was ready to start the trial. Scotty called Sonny to the stand. He wanted to know why he didn’t press charges against Nina. He said he lost a lot of time and wanted to move on with his life. He said Michael didn’t feel the same way he did. He said that Michael and Willow gave a big donation to the assistant DA before Nina was charged. He wondered if Michael should be on trial for bribery.

General Hospital 12-23-21 Recap 23rd December 2021


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