General Hospital 12-27-21 Recap 27th December 2021

General Hospital 12-27-21 Recap 27th December 2021

General-HospitalGeneral Hospital 12-27-21,

Valentin met with Martin to talk about Brooke Lynn did with Bailey. He wanted to get revenge on her. He wanted Martin to look into the Cassadine wills to see if things have changed now that he’s family again. When they talked about Anna, Martin said he decided to go with Lucy. Valentin thought Martin had more sense than to hook up with someone who fleeces men. Valentin gave him an ultimatum. He said he could date Lucy, but he wouldn’t have him as a client.

Anna saw Victor and hr asked him about hee son.  She said it was none of his business. She told him that she was following him. She said Port Charles was her home and he should stay out of the way. She threatened to handle him. He thought she meant the way she took care of Peter. She thought he was imposing on Valentin.

General Hospital 12-27-21 Recap 27th December 2021

A new witness takes the stand at Nina’s preliminary hearing. Drew and Curtis team up. Epiphany is taken aback when Marshall makes her an offer. Laura tries to talk some sense into Spencer. Ned apologizes to Brook Lynn.

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Willow was sworn in at the hearing. Michael told Sonny and Carly that he was mad at Scott for calling her to the stand. The DA questioned Willow and she talked about their previous meeting. Scott asked her about Michael’s conversation of values with the DA. He told her that she and Michael weren’t married so their conversations weren’t protected by the law. Scott wanted to know what was expected in return for Michael’s donation to the DA. Willow told him that Michael only wanted justice. She thought the donation was legal. He wondered if the charges warranted a trial. He asked if there was any reason for Sonny to think he was a victim. She said he wasn’t anyone’s victim.

The judge and the DA were tired of Scott’s line of questioning. Nina started to get worried. Nina begged Scott to stop with his line of questioning. Scott grilled Willow about why Sonny didn’t press charges against Nina. Sonny tried to get Carly out of the room. Willow blurt out that he didn’t press charges. Scott kept grilling her for answers. She said she overheard Sonny and Nina talking about their relationship. Everyone in the courtroom stared at her. She said that she overheard Sonny admit that he and Nina were in love in Nixon Falls. Carly stared at Sonny. He avoided looking at her. 

General Hospital 12-27-21 Recap 27th December 2021


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