General Hospital 12-28-21 Recap 28th December 2021

General Hospital 12-28-21 Recap 28th December 2021

General-HospitalGeneral Hospital 12-28-21,

Scott asked Willow if she was saying that Sonny and Nina were in love while they were in Nixon Falls. She said he would have to ask them if they were in love. Scott wanted to know what she heard. She said Nina called the love she shared with Mike was the purest she’d ever had, but it was over when Sonny got his memory back. Scott was done questioning her. The Assistant DA began his cross examination. The DA asked Willow if Nina’s feelings for Mike kept her from revealing his identity. She didn’t know what Nina was thinking. The DA dismissed her and she left the courtroom.

Michael asked Willow how she was doing. She told him that she never planned on him finding out like that. He didn’t understand why she didn’t te him. She said that Nina convinced her that it was better for her family if she didn’t say anything. Michael said she was wrong. He said she played into Nina’s hands and now she has what she wants.

General Hospital 12-28-21 Recap 28th December 2021

Those in the Pennsylvania hearing room react to the testimony. Obrecht gives Britt a belated holiday gift. While Brook Lynn babysits, Ned and Olivia go to GH to hear the results of Leo’s evaluation. Curtis wonders to Stella what else he doesn’t know about his father. TJ comes to Shawn’s defense.

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The DA recalled Sonny to the stand. He asked him if he had a personal relationship with Nina in Nixon Falls. Sonny tried to dodge the question by stating that he had a lot of relationships out there. The DA wanted to know about Willow’s testimony. He finally admitted that fell in Nina. Carly cried as she listened to Sonny. The DA thought if the case went on, Sonny would be a victim. He wondered if Sonny felt like the victim of a crime. Sonny said he didn’t feel like a victim. The judge allowed Sonny to step down from the witness stand. Sonny sat next to Carly, but she turned her head.

Scott and the DA gave their closing arguments. Scott said there was no victim so there wasn’t a crime. The DA said Nina committed a felony claiming she was in love with the victim. He said she showed how crazy she was. The judge called a recess to think about the charges. Carly stormed out of the room and Sonny went after her. Michael questioned his father about what happened in the courtroom. Sonny said he would make things right.

Nina was shocked by what Scott did. He said he said her from prison life. She left and walked right into Willow and Michael. Willow asked Nina if she used her. Sonny asked Carly to let him explain what happened. She wonderes if should listen to him or Mike. Ned and Olivia took Leo to the doctor. They found out that Leo had Autism Spectrum Disorder. Ned wanted to know what they would do next. The doctor wanted them to process what they found out. Olivia was afraid it would make life difficult for him. The doctor said an early diagnosis was good for Leo.

Curtis met with Stella and wanted her to tell him everything about Marshall. He said he never knew his father.  Stella said that Marshall was a private person. She said Irene was the center of his world unless he was playing his clarinet. She remembered that he was a generous man. Stella thought Marshall was telling the truth and Curtis should talk to Marshall. 

General Hospital 12-28-21 Recap 28th December 2021


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