General Hospital 12-29-21 Recap 29th December 2021

General Hospital 12-29-21 Recap 29th December 2021

General-HospitalGeneral Hospital 12-29-21,

Willow wanted to know if NIna used her to help her case. Nina denied using her. Michael said that she knew exactly what she was doing. NIna told him that he was the one who wanted to press charges against her. He told her that she was the reason why Sonny and Willow were blindsided on the stand. Sonny called out to Carly to stop her. She wanted to know if he was still sleeping with Nina. He told her that he never slept with her. She thought he wanted to stay in Nixon Falls and forget about his family. He told her that he came home as soon as he got his memory back. She told him that he fell in love with another woman. She wanted to know where that left her. 

Marshall let Curtis know that he wanted to stay in Port Charles so he could get to know TJ and him. Curtis didn’t like the idea that he planned on staying there as if nothing happened. Marshal said he couldn’t give him an explanation that would satisfy him. Curtis told him that he and Tommy wondered what happened to him for years. Willow told Nina not to turn things around and blame Michael. She yelled at Nina for what she did to Michael’s family. She said what she did was horrible. She said that she kept quiet because she didn’t want to tell about it. Nina said it came out because she overheard what she said. Scott walked up and Michael called him out for what he did to Willow. He said that the judge called Sonny back on the stand and he was the one who admitted that Nina didn’t do anything wrong. He said Sonny didn’t want to come back home to his family. Michael punched him in the face.

General Hospital 12-29-21 Recap 29th December 2021

The conclusion of Nina’s preliminary hearing is at hand. Sonny wants to explain. Josslyn unexpectedly runs into Spencer. Stella seeks out Portia. Marshall tells Curtis about his plans.

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Carly yelled at Sonny because he didn’t tell her about NIna. She knew why he wanted her to let what Nina did go. She thought he did it because he wanted to protect her. She said he was lying to himself if he really believed that what happened in Nixon Falls was over. Stella told Portia that she thought it was possible that Marshall had an ulterior motive for being in Curtis’ life. She was worried about how Curtis was dealing with Marshall. She told Portia that Curtis used to make up stories about his father. Portia thought he wanted to get to know his father. Stella said that he would be crushed by the reality of him. 

Marshall felt bad that his sons had to grow up without him. He said if he had a choice, he wouldn’t have left them. Curtis said he was alluding to the fact that he didn’t have a choice to leave. Marshall said he had to do what was best. Curtis said he barely remembered him. Marshall said he remembered him and his brother. Curtis wanted to know why he left them. He asked him if he wanted to see them grow up. He said he did want to see them grow up. Willow continued to tell Nina about using her. Nina said she didn’t tell Scott about her relationship or that she knew about it. Nina said she wasn’t responsible for her choices. Willow was confused. She told her that she could have lied on the stand.

Carly wanted Sonny to tell her what happened in Nixon Falls. Sonny told her about what happened there. She thought he didn’t want to remember her when he fell in love with Nina. Stella told Portia that she needed to step up and let Curtis know that he wasn’t alone. Marshall said he turned things around and he could finally give him the support he needed. Curtis said he didn’t need his support because he was a grown man. Curtis said he needed him when he was a kid. He told him how he got in fights by defending him. Marshall apologized for what happened. He said he should have stuck around. 

Nina told Willow that she could have lied about what she heard. Willow said she was under oath. She said no one would have contradicted her. Willow said she wasn’t risking herself to cover up what she did. Nina congratulated her for destroying the family she said she loved. Carly felt stupid because she saw Sonny with Nina so many times. She wanted to know what Willow heard. Carly asked him how many times he met with Nina. He said he had dreams about her and couldn’t reach out to touch her. He said deep inside he knew he remembered her. He said he was still hers. She didn’t see it after what she heard in the courtroom. 

Willow told Michael that she should have told him what happened with Nina. He blamed Nina for what happened. He hoped the judge didn’t buy Scott’s tactics. He wanted to know if his parents were back. She said she didn’t know where they were. The judge was ready to make a decision. Carly didn’t believe that Sonny was going to tell her about Nina. She thought he was trying to justify his secret. He told her not to let Nina come between them. He said that she had to let it go. Carly told him that he kept avoiding telling her how he felt about Nina. He said that he loved her. She wanted to know who he felt about Nina today. 

The judge dismissed the charges against Nina. Michael said it wasn’t over. The DA apologized for calling Willow on the stand. She was sorry that Scott ambushed her on the stand. She thought she was the reason the case was dismissed. The DA said Sonny’s testimony was the deciding factor. He was the one who said that he wasn’t Nina’s victim. Michael said he didn’t hear that part. Carly asked Sonny how he felt about Nina. He tried to explain his feelings for Nina. He said his feelings were jumbled up. She let him know that she needed some time apart from him. 

General Hospital 12-29-21 Recap 29th December 2021


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