General Hospital 12-3-19 Recap 3rd December 2019

General Hospital 11-19-19
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General Hospital 12-3-19 Recap 3rd December 2019

General Hospital 12-3-19,

When Kendra was about to hit Alexis, Lucas crashed into her with his car. Alexis got up and went to Kendra’s car. Alexis found her against the steering wheel. There was blood on the window. Alexis checked for a pulse. Kendra grabbed her hand and said it wasn’t over. Kendra ended up dying.

Kristina asked Neil and Julian what was going on with her mother. Neil said they think Kendra is poisoning Alexis because Kendra is Kiefer’s sister. They said they haven’t been able to reach Alexis on the phone.

General Hospital 12-3-19 Recap 3rd December 2019

General Hospital 12-3-19

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Julian wondered if Kristina still had the app on her phone that Alexis installed to track her and Molly. She still had the app. They used it to find Alexis.

Jax went to Sonny and Carly’s place. Sonny said Jax didn’t have to pretend with him because Carly told him everything. Jax wanted to know what he knew. Sonny said he knew he had a houseguest. Sonny wanted to know her name. Carly came in and said she told Sonny that he had a girlfriend. Sonny couldn’t believe that Jax would let a woman keep him from Joss. Sonny got a call from Kristina about Alexis so he left. Carly told Jax that Sonny would expose Nikolas if he found out the truth. She said Jax would be deported.

Julian and Neil showed up at the crime scene. Alexis told them what happened. Neil checked Kendra, but didn’t find a pulse. Alexis said another car hit Kendra before Kendra could run her over. Neil called for help. Julian looked for the other car. Chase showed up. Neil told him what happened.

Neil wanted Alexis to go to the hospital. He said they could give their statements later. Julian found Brad unconscious in the car with Lucas. Julian went to Chase. Chase told Jordan what happened. Julian said his son was trapped in the car.

Kristina told Sonny what happened to Alexis. She also told him about Kiefer and Kendra. Kristina thought it was her fault that Kendra went after Alexis. Kristina told him about the oath she made to Shiloh. She said her lie put everything in motion. He said Kristina was only responsible for her actions, not Kendra’s.

Alexis told everyone what happened. She said Kendra was dead. Kristina asked if Kendra mentioned Shiloh. Alexis said Shiloh was how Kendra found out, but it wasn’t her fault. Neil and Kristina went with Alexis so she could get checked out. 


General Hospital 12-3-19 Recap 3rd December 2019.


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