General Hospital 12-30-21 Recap 30th December 2021

General Hospital 12-30-21 Recap 30th December 2021

General-HospitalGeneral Hospital 12-30-21,

Nina talked to Maxie about what Scott did during the hearing. She said he ruined her life as well as Sonny and Carly’s lives. Obrecht arrived and Nina realized that she was the one who told Scott about Mike. Nina was upset because Sonny and Carly’s marriage was destroyed because of her. Nina said she destroyed her life. Obrecht said she saved her life.

Scott joined the women and Nina went off on him for what he did in court. Scott reminded her that he saved her life. He said if she wanted to lecture him about the truth, she should have told everyone a year ago that Sonny was still alive. Nina didn’t want to deal with it any longer so she decided to leave. Maxie followed her out. Obrecht was upset with Scott for rubbing Nina’s mistake in her face.

General Hospital 12-30-21 Recap 30th December 2021

As Port Charles residents celebrate New Year’s Eve, the Savoy is the place to see and be seen. Alexis hopes her luck with change. Josslyn cancels her plans with Cam. Curtis and Portia celebrate new beginnings.

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Michael told Willow that Dante found his father. He thought it was best that Sonny kept his distance. Willow apologized for everything that happened at the hearing. He blamed his father for what happened. He said Sonny should have told the truth. Carly looked at Sonny’s picture when Joss, Willow and Michael approached her. Carly asked Willow if Nina aaked her to keep her secret. Willow admitted that she did and that she didn’t want to hurt Carly since Mike was gone. Carly wondered if Michael was okay with Willow choosing Nina over him and the family. Michael didn’t want to defend Sonny, but he said Mike was gone. He said he didn’t love Nina. Carly said she asked him if he loved Nina, but he couldn’t answer her. She didn’t know what to believe about Sonny. She walked out of the room.

Dante talked to Sonny about what happened at the hearing. Sonny said that Mike was the one with feelings for Nina. Carly didn’t understand the situation. Dante believed Carly would come around. He reminded him about all of the times they broke up before. Sonny realized he should have told Carly the truth sooner. He said he never found the right time to tell her. He mentioned Jason died and what happened with Sasha and Brando. Dante wanted to know if he still had feelings for Nina. He admitted that he did feel something for her. He said he didn’t leave all of Mike in Nixon Falls. He said he still carried a piece of Mike’s heart with him. He said a piece of it belongs to Nina.

Dante noticed that Sonny was drinking a lot. He assured Dante he was fine. Dante grabbed Sonny’s keys from the bar and pocketed them. Nina arrived and saw Sonny at the bar. She was there to see Phyllis, but she wasn’t there. He said he had to go. Nina didn’t think he should drive. He realized his keys were missing. She offered to give him a ride home, but he couldn’t go there. She said she would take him wherever he wanted to go. Sonny agreed to go with him. 

General Hospital 12-30-21 Recap 30th December 2021


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