General Hospital 12-4-19 Recap 4th December 2019

General Hospital 11-19-19
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General Hospital 12-4-19 Recap 4th December 2019

General Hospital 12-4-19,

Robert went to Anna’s house. He talked to her about Finn. Robert and Anna argued over Finn. They argued about why it took so long for Finn to tell her about Violet. Robin called them and thought they were arguing. Robin told him to give Anna a break.

Nikolas paid a nurse to give Ava her pills. Ava was upset that no one came to visit her on Thanksgiving. Ava took the pills. She got dizzy. Nikolas came in her room. He told her that he wasn’t there. She tried to hide from him as he yelled at her for choosing her looks over Spencer’s future. Nikolas couldn’t believe she would stab him in the back the way she did. She said she would make it up to him.

Nikolas wanted Ava not to let Valentin win. He asked where the painting was. She got on the floor and told him about the things she lost. She said Kiki never forgiving her. He said Kiki was in Hell with him. Ava didn’t believe him. He kept torturing her until she told him where the painting was. He thanked her and told her to keep this between them. When he left, he dropped his ring on the floor under her bed.

General Hospital 12-4-19 Recap 4th December 2019

General Hospital 12-4-19

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Julian went to Brad’s room at the hospital. Julian said it was supposed to just be him that was hurt.

Carly went to the hospital. Chase told her about the accident. He told her that Brad was fine, but unconscious. He said Lucas was in surgery. A doctor came out and told everyone that Lucas was in a medically induced coma until the swelling on his brain goes down.

Willow and Chase sat by Brad’s side. They told him that Lucas was okay. Brad said he wanted to see Lucas. Willow asked Brad what happened. He told her what happened. He said he didn’t understand what happened to the car.

Julian went to see Lucas. Julian begged Lucas to forgive him. Brad wanted to know what he was talking about. Julian said he regretted not being there for Lucas for most of his life.

Jax went to Anna’s place. Finn wanted to know what Jax had Finn involved in. Jax acted as if he didn’t know what he was talking about. He said he would look in Hayden’s office for clues. When he left, Finn and Anna thought he was lying.

Nina told Valentin that she invited Laura and Jax to the wedding. He said he was okay with it, but told her that they teamed up to find the codicil so he could be disinherited. He said he need to find the painting. Jax showed up and demanded to know what he did to Hayden.

Nina stopped Jax from attacking Valentin. Valentin said he didn’t know where Hayden was. He said he didn’t know why Hayden left town. He said Jax was trying to take his estate. Jax walked away to call Nikolas. Jax told Nikolas to meet him. Valentin told Nina that he had to go to the gallery to look for the painting. When he left, Nina called about visiting Ava. 

General Hospital 12-4-19 Recap 4th December 2019.


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