General Hospital 2-11-20 Recap 11th February 2020

General Hospital 2-11-20 Recap 11th February 2020

General-HospitalGeneral Hospital 2-11-20,

Finn talked to Jason and Sam about Peter. Finn told them to let the police handle Peter. Finn told them that Peter was linked to the assassin. Jason thought Anna told him. Finn asked them to leave him out of it when they talked to Robert. Finn didn’t want it to come back to him.

General Hospital 2-11-20 Recap 11th February 2020

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General Hospital 2-11-20

Nikolas ran into Liz. He said he was going to the lab. He wasn’t there to bother her. Franco showed up. Franco confronted him about what he did to Hayden. They got into an argument. Liz stopped them. When Franco left, Nikolas tried to tell her what was going on, but she didn’t want to hear it. He asked her not to give up on him.

Peter overheard Robert and Anna arguing. Peter asked Robert about the shooting, but Robert didn’t have anything to say. When Robert left, Peter and Anna talked about Robert having it out for him. Peter said Anna and Maxie were the only ones he needed to believe in him. Anna said she knew he was a good person. She said whoever didn’t know would answer to her.

Anna was shocked that Peter defended Robert. Peter thought he might have misjudged him. When Peter left, he called someone. He told the person that he knew he could count on them.

Robert went to see Jason and Sam. They told him what Finn said about Peter. They left Finn’s name out of it. Robert wasn’t sure if he could nail him on the information, but it was something. He said he would take it to the prosecutor. When Robert came back, he said the deal was off.

General Hospital 2-11-20 Recap 11th February 2020.