General Hospital 2-17-20 Recap 17th February 2020

General Hospital 2-17-20 Recap 17th February 2020

General-HospitalGeneral Hospital 2-17-20,

Dev told Sonny and Carly he should leave town because Brando was going to be there. He suggested going to private school, but Carly and Sonny wouldn’t allow that to happen. Willow went to see Lucas. They talked about him and Brad leaving town. She was grateful for the time she had with Wiley. She didn’t think it would be easy to say goodbye. Lucas thought she might not have to do it. He wanted her to be involved in Wiley’s life. Brad told Julian that he and Lucas were moving. Brad thought he would be able to keep the truth from Lucas if they weren’t in Port Charles. Julian planned on watching him.

General Hospital 2-17-20 Recap 17th February 2020

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General Hospital 2-17-20

Lulu saw Valentin at the Metro Court and rubbed it in that he wasn’t a Cassadine. They ended up arguing over Charlotte. Brando found LuLu to tell her not to write about the shootings at the waterfront. She wouldn’t do it. Brando refused to be interviewed for the story. He didn’t want to be included in the story. LuLu thought Brando was a hero. Ned talked to Olivia about the stocks and who was trying to buy them. Nelle told Michael that she was leaving the mansion and she sold her shares. She walked away and Ned overheard her talking to Michael. He was worried about the stocks being sold. He also wondered what would happen if Sonny’s attack would hurt Michael representing the company. Michael said he wasn’t involved in his father’s business. He did suggest they tell everyone that his father didn’t strike first.

Nelle met Valentin to talk about the shares. She told him that Michael offered her more money for the shares, but he was willing to help her leave the country. She wondered why he wanted ELQ so badly. He said Michael and Sasha disrespected him. He wanted to get revenge on them. Nelle wanted to be able to see it. She was happy to be with her son. She left and overheard Julian talking to Olivia about Brad and Lucas moving to Portland. 

General Hospital 2-17-20 Recap 17th February 2020.