General Hospital 3-23-20 Recap 23rd March 2020

General Hospital 3-23-20 Recap 23rd March 2020

General-HospitalGeneral Hospital 3-23-20,

Britt saw Franco and apologized for her mother trying to kill him. Franco didn’t think Obrecht did it. He didn’t think she would risk losing James. Britt noticed how her mother changed since Nathan was in their lives. She thought she could be trying to cover her other crimes. Sonny talked to Jason about Cyrus getting drugs through his territory. Jason went to call his contact at the police station to find out what happened. He remembered Sam told him that TJ went missing. Jason got the info from his contact and told Sonny about it. He told him Jordan gave the order to move the men. Sonny thought the timing was suspicious.


General Hospital 3-23-20 Recap 23rd March 2020

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General Hospital 3-23-20

Jordan got another text with a photo of TJ. She called Harmony to find out where her son was. Curtis wanted to invite her to eat, but she couldn’t make it. Sam arrived and wanted to have breakfast with Curtis. She wanted to brainstorm with him. He agreed to go with her. He went to get ready. Sam asked Jordan about TJ. Jordan didn’t have any news about TJ’s whereabouts. She told her that he would come back when he was ready. Curtis was finished so he and Sam left to eat. Harmony arrived after the left, but she didn’t have TJ with her. Harmony let her know that Cyrus approved of what she did, but wanted her to do more. She told Jordan that Cyrus wanted her to get him out of prison. It’s the only way he will let TJ go.

Peter met with Britt and Franco. They talked about whether Obrecht was guilty. She believed that she was guilty. She thought her mother was trying to cover her tracks because of her involvement with transferring Drew’s memories. Britt ended up leaving so the guys talked. Peter thought Obrecht was mentally scarred because of everything Faison did and that he’s controlling her from the grave.

Curtis and Sam talked about TJ. She told him how she’s been searching for him. She also told him how she let Jordan know about the tracker she had on his phone. He was surprised by everything, but said TJ would come back when he was ready. After his conversation with Sam, he went home to confront Jordan about TJ. He wanted answers from her. She was about to tell him everything when Sonny and Jason showed up. Sonny knew Cyrus had TJ. 


General Hospital 3-23-20 Recap 23rd March 2020.


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