General Hospital 3-25-20 Recap 25th March 2020

General Hospital 3-25-20 Recap 25th March 2020

General-HospitalGeneral Hospital 3-25-20,

Carly was surprised to hear Nina hiring Nelle. Nina wanted Nelle to excuse them. Nelle left the room. Carly reminded Nina that Nelle is crazy. Nina knew that and told her how she planned to set Nelle up. Carly thought she would need help bringing Nelle down. She thought Nelle was already planning to do something.

Michael and Sasha took Wiley to the hospital. Since he had trouble breathing, Michael thought something was wrong with his heart. Monica took him to get tested. She came back and told them that Wiley needed surgery because of his heart. She thought it should be done right away. Michael agreed with her. She said Nelle would have to approve of the surgery too. Nelle arrived at the hospital and Michael explained the situation. She didn’t want Wiley to have the surgery. She wanted something that wouldn’t be as risky done.


General Hospital 3-25-20 Recap 25th March 2020


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General Hospital 3-25-20


Sam met with Deloris to give her an update about whether she and Jason interacted. She assured her that she only saw him when it concerned their son. Deloris got a call so she left. She was laughing while on the phone and arranged to meet with the person. Spinelli followed her when she left. Molly showed up and talked to Sam about TJ. She was worried because she still hadn’t heard from him. Sam told her that he’s been in touch with Jordan. Molly felt worse because she believed he was ignoring her. She wanted Sam to check the tracker on JT’s phone. Sam checked it and realized it was with Jordan.

Jordan told Sonny, Jason, and Curtis about what she had to do in order to get TJ back. Sonny thought she should do what Cyrus wanted because he wouldn’t have the protection he was getting in prison. Jordan had to be mindful of what she was agreeing to do. Curtis told her that letting Cyrus out would be dangerous, but they wouldn’t get her son back. He refused to let Jordan frame herself for letting Cyrus go free. He thought there had to be another way. Jason thought the other way to get him out was to blame it on the cops who were already dead. She didn’t want to throw her team under the bus. Sonny thought she had to do what she had to do to save TJ. She agreed to do it. 


General Hospital 3-25-20 Recap 25th March 2020.


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