General Hospital 3-26-20 Recap 26th March 2020

General Hospital 3-26-20 Recap 26th March 2020

General-HospitalGeneral Hospital 3-26-20,

Laura went to Sonny’s place. She wanted his help with the drug problem in Port Charles. They talked about what’s going on there. He said he was trying to stop the situation from getting worse. She wanted to stop it or she would have to get even tougher. She said she would have to go after him too. He let her know that he was doing what he could to stop it. He was concerned about his father. Jason arrived at Sonny’s place. Laura wanted everyone to be safe. She left his place. Jason wanted to know why he told her anything. Sonny said no one could prove they killed Cyrus. He thought people would be happy that he would be gone.

General Hospital 3-26-20 Recap 26th March 2020


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General Hospital 3-26-20

Nelle told Michael, Sasha, and Monica that she didn’t want Wiley to have surgery. She believed he didn’t need it. Michael explained that he would have a better life if he had it. They continued to go back and forth about it. Nelle thought Wiley could die. Monica walked off while Michael told her about putting their son’s life at risk. He thought she was paying him back by not letting him having the surgery. She said it was about Wiley. He told her that she wouldn’t have a say once the custody battle started and she’s excluded from custody. She went to check on Wiley. Chase and Willow showed up. Michael and Sasha told them what happened with Nelle. Willow thought Wiley needed the surgery right now. Nelle came back and warned Michael that he won’t win custody. Nelle and Willow ended up arguing. Willow advised Michael to do whatever he had to do to get Wiley.

Alexis met Sam while she was talking to Deloris. She told her how Spinelli was spying on her for Sam to blackmail her. Spinelli showed up and said Sam had nothing to do with what he did. Deloris was going to charge Spinelli with the pepping Tom law. Alexis wanted to know if Deloris was having sex when he saw her. Spinelli said she was having sex. Sam reminded her that it would be embarrassing if his case went to trial. She said Sam and Spinelli would go to prison and she would lose her job. Alexis said Sam wouldn’t say anything. Deloris was determined to be even tougher on her now. Deloris walked away. Alexis couldn’t believe Sam made things worse for herself. Alexis thought she should just stick it out. Sam couldn’t believe she was such a pushover. They ended up arguing. Sam apologized to her, but she wanted her to leave. After Sam left, the bartender brought drinks over to the table. She thought about Neil before she drank it. 


General Hospital 3-26-20 Recap 26th March 2020.


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