General Hospital 3-27-20 Recap 27th March 2020

General Hospital 3-27-20 Recap 27th March 2020

General-HospitalGeneral Hospital 3-27-20,

Michael and Nelle talk about what’s best for Wiley. She felt he should be home, but he thought the surgery was the best option. She told him that she wouldn’t agree to the surgery because she didn’t think he would recover from it. She told him that she didn’t fully recover from it. She insisted they look for different solutions. After they talked, Michael ran into Carly. He told her Nelle was still against the surgery. She told him to talk to Diane to see if she could do something. She was going to talk to Nelle.

General Hospital 3-27-20 Recap 27th March 2020


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General Hospital 3-27-20

Michael saw Sonny at the hospital since he was there to check on Mike. Michael told him what happened. They talked about family relationships. Carly found Nelle on the roof. She warned Nelle that she was overdoing it. If Wiley died, she would lose any control she had. Carly told her to do the right thing and sign the consent form. She walked away from her. Nelle refused to let her win.

Britt and Anna talked about Obrecht. She knew Obrecht had to pay for her crimes. She said she talked to Peter while she was gone. She asked her about Jason suspicions. Anna told her the evidence cleared Peter. Britt walked away after they finished talking. Nikolas was with Ava while she waiting for Franco to paint her portrait. Nikolas wanted to stay when Franco arrived, but they didn’t want him there. After Nikolas left, they talked about Trina. Franco thought Trina was lucky to have her.

Alexis was about to drink more alcohol. She called Finn, but he didn’t answer his phone. She tried calling Molly, but she didn’t answer either. She needed help and saw Julian’s number. She called him and he showed up a while later. He offered to take her home. She told him that she had a drink. She wasn’t sure why she decided to drink. She did tell him about her fight with Sam. He thought she might be doing that about Neil. She assured him that Neil wasn’t the problem. She blamed herself for falling off the wagon. 


General Hospital 3-27-20 Recap 27th March 2020.