General Hospital 3-29-19 Recap 29th March 2019

General Hospital 3-29-19
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General Hospital 3-29-19 Recap 29th March 2019

General Hospital 3-29-19, Valentin wanted to surprise Nina with dinner. He wanted her to meet with Liesl. Nina resists the idea at first, but she decides to go through with it. Sasha joined them for dinner. She wanted to tell Nina about what happened, but won’t let her talk. Nina’s convinced that Sasha is her daughter.

Maxie is at the Metro Court with Peter. She doesn’t stay long because Sarah’s test results were ready. Carly saw Curtis at the hospital and they talked about Jordan’s health issues. Jordan walks up to them. They end up talking about Ryan. After their conversation, Jordan and Curtis went to the station. Later, Carly ran into Laura and they talked about Kevin. Kevin wanted her to file for divorce. Carly let her know she was the only that could decide what to do.

General Hospital 3-29-19 Recap 29th March 2019

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General Hospital 3-29-19

Maxie and Peter arrived at the hospital. They talked about the DNA test and Liesl overheard them talking about it. She wondered why they were talking about a DNA test. Maxie came up with a lie about the test. Liesl wasn’t sure if she believed that, but she left it alone. Laura brought Kevin some clothes to wear for his arraignment. She wanted to be there for him. He didn’t think she should do it since she’s the mayor. He wanted her to divorce him. Laura didn’t want to divorce him. He wanted to know what would happen if they stay together. Jordan showed up before she could answer. Laura kissed him and wished him luck. Ava and Julian arrived to report the calls they knew Ryan made. Jordan wanted to trace Ava’s phone. Julian and Curtis talked about getting Ryan. Curtis did some checking and Ava received robocalls and they weren’t from Ryan. Ava wasn’t sure if she believed that. She let Julian know that she would be ready for Ryan if he came after her.

Liesl went to the Metro Court and ran into Valentin. She let him know that Maxie had a DNA test done. She warned him to leave town before Nina found out the truth. Nina overheard part of that and wanted to know what they meant by the truth. Valentin wanted to come up with a lie, but he couldn’t. Maxie showed up and told them she ran a DNA test on Nina and Sasha.

Lulu and Dante are at home. He admits to her how he had to leave Port Charles. He felt he shouldn’t have come back to town. Lulu was confused by what he said. He told her he changed while he was gone and didn’t know how to change back to the man she remembered. Lulu thought he had PTSD and could go to Kevin for help. He told her that she and the kids are important to him. He wanted to leave to protect them. She didn’t know what to tell people about his decision to leave. He said he’s broken and needs to get fixed. He wanted her to be happy. She said she would wait for him. He didn’t want her to wait for a long time. They said they loved each other and he left.

Next on General Hospital, Valentin tells a lie. Franco is confrontational. Lucy offers moral support.

General Hospital 3-29-19 Recap 29th March 2019.


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