General Hospital 4-10-19 Recap 10th April 2019

General Hospital 4-10-19
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General Hospital 4-10-19 Recap 10th April 2019

General Hospital 4-10-19,
Chase and Willow talked about their first date. She remembered it being a terrible date. They kissed while they were talking about the date. He told her that he wanted her and they made love.

Anna told Finn that Robin could be Alex’s child. Anna told him that she left Robin with Philomena. Philomena had to raise her because Anna was a double agent. Anna said she visited when she could.

Anna thought that Alex could have had Robin and gave her the memory. Finn thought she was getting in over her head. Anna told him that Drew believed Jason’s life was his. She thought Robin still might not have been hers.

Anna thought Alex didn’t like her because she was raising her daughter. Anna said Alex was basically telling her that Robin wasn’t her daughter. Finn wanted to know if it would change anything if Robin wasn’t her daughter. Anna said she would love Robin as if she were her daughter. She didn’t know how she would tell Robin.

General Hospital 4-10-19 Recap 10th April 2019

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General Hospital 4-10-19

Peter and Maxie made plans for a date. While they were talking, they kissed each other. They stopped kissing when they heard James cry. She took care of James. When she was finished, she wanted to know about his exes. He said he was never in love. He said he should leave because he thought that she was trying to convince herself that she was ready to move on. She said she would be ready one day. He said he would wait for her.

Alexis met Sonny at his office. They talked about Kristina. He told Alexis that he had it under control. She thought he was going to make things worse. She told him that Neil suggested they encourage Kristina to leave on her own. He said that his expert told him to get Kristina out and then get her help.

Sonny told Alexis that Kristina was too far in and they needed to get her out. He said Jason was getting her out. Alexis wondered why he didn’t tell her sooner. She hoped she didn’t lose her job again because of this.

Kristina signed the contract and gave it to Shiloh. He told her she was special and wanted her to enjoy the initiation. He said he wouldn’t be there, but Harmony and the others would help her. Harmony came in and gave her a cup and told her to drink it to relax her. Shiloh told Kristina to lie down on the pillows. He wanted her to think ahead. When Shiloh and Harmony left, Kristina drank the tea. She passed out.

Jason told Sam that he was breaking in the DoD house and getting Kristina. Sam thought they needed to distract Shiloh. Sam called Shiloh. She told him that she had weird feelings about Jason and where her life was headed. He said he would help her. Jason wanted her to keep Shiloh busy for an hour so he could get Kristina.

Shiloh and Sam met. She pretended to be drunk. She said she missed Jason. She said she was doubting herself. He tried to convince her that she was on the right path and doing good.

Jason broke in the DoD house. He heard Harmony call out the others. She said it was time for Kristina’s initiation. Jason went to the attic and found Kristina passed out. He took her out of the attic. When Harmony came in to look for Kristina, she was gone.

Jason sent Sam a text telling her that Kristina was safe. Sam thanked Shiloh for his help. She said she had to go home. He wanted to drive her home. She told him she would get an Uber. When Shiloh left, Harmony sent him a text telling him that Kristina was missing.

Next on General Hospital, Alexis feigns ignorance. Molly confronts Sam. Michael asks Chase for help.

General Hospital 4-10-19 Recap 10th April 2019.


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