General Hospital 4-11-19 Recap 11th April 2019

General Hospital 4-11-19
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General Hospital 4-11-19 Recap 11th April 2019

General Hospital 4-11-19, Kristina was out of it when she woke up and found out that she was with Jason. She was upset when she found out what he did. He let her know that he always made sure she was safe. Michael went to see Chase to talk about the case and saw Willow in a t-shirt. He felt awkward about them being together. Willow went to get dressed and they all talked about rescuing Kristina. They couldn’t come up with any ideas so Michael wanted to use Willow as bait. Chase thought it was a bad idea for her to be near Shiloh. Michael thought she could get through to Kristina. He promised her that he and Sonny would protect her. He appreciated her help.

Sonny, Carly, and Josslyn were at the hospital. They were waiting to hear news about Oscar. Oscar was in his room with Kim and Drew. His tube was removed so he had trouble speaking. Terry wanted Kim and Drew to wait outside so she could check Oscar. They went outside and ran into Sonny, Carly, and Josslyn. They let them know Oscar was awake. Sonny let Drew know that Oscar was in his prayers before he left. Carly hugged Josslyn. Josslyn was grateful she had time with Oscar.

General Hospital 4-11-19 Recap 11th April 2019

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General Hospital 4-11-19

Terry wanted to talk to Drew and Kim alone. Monica ended up joining them in an office. Terry let them know that the tumor affected Oscar’s ability to move. He won’t be able to get back the mobility he lost. Terry basically said he’s in the final stages. Unfortunately, there’s nothing they could do for Oscar. Monica told them they could stay with her as long as they wanted. Drew wanted to know what Oscar wanted to do.

Sam went to the DoD house and saw Shiloh and Harmony. They wanted to know if she saw Kristina. Sam plays it off by avoiding the question. She was certain Kristina would be back. Molly showed up demanding to see Kristina. Molly was surprised when Sam defended Shiloh to her and she left. Harmony noticed the cup was gone and was afraid of what would happen if Kristina took it.

Kim and Drew went back to Oscar’s room and found him with Josslyn. They wanted to be alone with Oscar so they asked Josslyn for some time alone with him. Kim told Oscar what the doctor told them. Oscar realized he was dying soon. Monica saw Carly and Josslyn and told them about what was going on with Oscar. Josslyn couldn’t take the news and collapsed on her mother. Drew went out to them and let them know they were moving in with Monica. Josslyn was able to visit Oscar any time he wanted. A little later, Kim and Drew were devastated by the news.

Sonny showed up at the safe house. Kristina was happy to see her father. She wanted him to take her back to the DoD house. He didn’t want to take her back and they started arguing. Alexis showed up and Kristina couldn’t believe she was in on that. She wanted to have her mother disbarred. Neil also showed up and Alexis admitted that he was her therapist. Kristina didn’t want to listen to Neil. She walked out of the room. Neil explained to Alexis that if Kristina went back now, she would never see her again.

Next on General Hospital, Finn offers his expertise. Valentin crosses with Spencer. Laura softens.

General Hospital 4-11-19 Recap 11th April 2019.


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