General Hospital 4-12-19 Recap 12th April 2019

General Hospital 4-12-19
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General Hospital 4-12-19 Recap 12th April 2019

General Hospital 4-12-19, Laura walked in on Finn practicing how to propose to Anna. She wanted to know if Ryan could still be alive since his hand was severed. Finn told her that Ryan could be alive if he got his hand taken care of in time. She thanked him for his help. She told him that he looked as if he were proposing. He wanted to know what she thought of the ring. She thought Anna would love the ring.

Spencer saw Valentin at the hospital. Spencer asked if Nina figured out what he and Sasha were doing. Valentin told him that Charlotte told him about the election. Valentin threatened to make an anonymous tip if he caused trouble.

Laura saw Spencer and Valentin together. She told Valentin not to go near Spencer. She told Valentin that she wanted to set a schedule for Charlotte. Valentin told her that she wasn’t on the custody order so he didn’t have to let her see Charlotte.

General Hospital 4-12-19 Recap 12th April 2019

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Sasha met up with Maxie and Peter. They apologized for the DNA test. They didn’t mean to question her integrity. Sasha said they didn’t have to apologize to her. Maxie hoped Nina felt the same way. Curtis went to see Nina. He wanted to know if she found a kidney for Jordan. She said she didn’t. He asked her if she had any work for him. She said she didn’t. She talked to him about Peter and Maxie getting the DNA test on Sasha. She also told him that Maxie thought something was going on between Obrecht and Valentin.

Robert went to see Anna. She talked to him about their first mission. He thought she was scared. She wondered if she were the one on the mission. She wondered if Alex was Robin’s mother. Robert didn’t think Alex was on the mission. She said he couldn’t be sure because she and Alex were identical twins.

Anna thought that Alex had Robin and Dr. Cabbott made her believe that Robin was hers. Robert thought that she was feeling guilty about being a double agent. He said he wouldn’t let her do this to him or Robin.

Finn showed up while Robert and Anna were talking. Finn agreed with Robert. Finn also thought that Anna’s theory could be right. She wanted to find out the truth. Robert knew the truth and wasn’t going to watch her do this.

At the courthouse, Ava heard Margo telling to move on because Ryan’s case was closed. When Margo went in the courtroom, Ava confronted Jordan about Ryan. Jordan suspected that Ava was up to something. Jordan told her not to do anything. Ava walked off. Jordan called Julian to talk about Ava.

Nora told Kevin that she wanted a meeting so they wouldn’t have to go on trial. When Margo and the judge showed up, Nora asked for the charges to be dropped. Margo objected because he helped his brother by hiding him from the police. Nora said Kevin couldn’t be found guilty for helping Ryan because he was dead then. Margo said Kevin had an obligation to report his brother. The judge agreed with Nora and dropped the charges against Kevin.

Maxie met with Nina and gave her the documents she wanted. Maxie apologized for what happened. Nina didn’t want to talk about it. Sasha came in and told Nina to accept Maxie’s apology. Sasha said Maxie was family. Nina said she forgave Maxie. Nina decided to forgive Maxie.

Kevin went to the hospital. He saw Laura and Spencer there. Laura wanted Spencer to leave them alone. Kevin told her what happened. He said he was going to appeal his suspension. She told him about her conversation with Finn. Kevin thought Ryan could be alive.

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General Hospital 4-12-19 Recap 12th April 2019.


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