General Hospital 4-17-19 Recap 17th April 2019

General Hospital 4-17-19
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General Hospital 4-17-19 Recap 17th April 2019

General Hospital 4-17-19,Franco wanted to talk to Nina about their stepkids. He said things were bad with Aidan. He blamed Charlotte for it. Nina said Charlotte wasn’t a bully. He wanted Nina to talk Charlotte in to getting along with Aidan so he wouldn’t get bullied anymore. Nina said she would try to help.

Finn told Chase that he was going to propose to Anna, but her mind was elsewhere. They talked about their past not going away. Chase wanted to celebrate being brothers. Chase thought it was possible that Finn could get along with their father. Finn didn’t think so. Chase told him to give Anna the ring.

General Hospital 4-17-19 Recap 17th April 2019

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General Hospital 4-17-19

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Jason wanted Brad to test the cup again. Jason saw that he was looking at the DoD website. Brad told him that the DoD helped him. Brad left when Lucas showed up. Lucas told Jason that the DoD helped Brad, but he wasn’t interested.

Liz told Lucas about what was going on with Aidan and Cameron. She told him that Franco was upset that Cameron wanted Aidan to be less gay. She thought he was just looking out for Aidan. Willow told Michael that her baby was alive. She said she gave him up for adoption and didn’t like going to the group about it. He said he was glad she decided to go to therapy or they wouldn’t have met.

Michael told Willow that he was glad her baby was alive. She thought Shiloh might find the child. She told him that Kristina gave Shiloh a pledge that he could hold over her. Willow said he still had her pledge. He said this was the third time Kristina has been kidnapped. He said this time was a good reason. Willow wanted to help.

Shiloh told Sam that Jason kidnapped Kristina. Sam told him that Jason could have done it, but thought Kristina might have changed her mind. Shiloh said he had proof that Jason broke in the house. He thought Sonny was involved. He thought she could talk to Jason so they could find Kristina.

Sonny wanted Margo to open Ryan’s case. She said it was out of her jurisdiction. He said he wanted justice. She told him something from DoD. She told him not to get revenge. They ended up arguing. While they were arguing, Jason showed up.

Margo told Jason that he wasn’t in prison because of Shiloh. When she left, Sonny told Jason that she was quoting from a DoD book. Sonny thought she was dangerous. Jason told him that Brad was part of the DoD. While they were talking, Michael showed up and told them about the pledge. He thought Shiloh had something on Sonny.

Next on General Hospital, Jordan meets with Franco. Ava calls Scott for help. Laura focuses on what is important. Curtis gets a lead. Sasha and Michael grow closer.

General Hospital 4-17-19 Recap 17th April 2019.


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