General Hospital 4-18-19 Recap 18th April 2019

General Hospital 4-18-19
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General Hospital 4-18-19 Recap 18th April 2019

General Hospital 4-18-19, Anna told Finn that she didn’t find anything that proved Robin is her daughter. She debated whether she should tell Robin about it. Finn told her there are ways to get DNA tests done on twins. Anna didn’t think Alex and Robert would be down for it. Finn had to go so Anna went back to searching and found a picture of Robin. She had an idea and kept looking in a box. She found a bracelet.

Sonny, Jason, and Michael talk about Kristina and Shiloh. They wondered what Kristina told Shiloh about Sonny. Michael had to leave to take Josslyn to see Oscar. Jason and Sonny continued to talk about Shiloh. Jason thought they should destroy the pledges. Sonny thought Sam should handle that plan. Jason felt like she would get caught.

General Hospital 4-18-19 Recap 18th April 2019

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General Hospital 4-18-19

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Alexis wanted to know why Neil didn’t say anything about working with Sonny. He explained the situation to her. She wondered if he knew about cults. He refused to tell her about it. Alexis ended up leaving and Sonny showed up. He wanted to talk about how much control Shiloh had over Kristina. Sonny told him how he wanted to ask Kristina what she said to Shiloh. Neil advised him not to do that.

Sam and Shiloh showed up at Julian’s place looking for Kristina. He said she was supposed to be there for work but didn’t show up. Alexis showed up and said Kristina got in touch with her. Alexis told them what Kristina said. Shiloh wanted Kristina to get in touch with her. Shiloh wanted Sam to go back to the house and meditate with him. She didn’t think it was a good idea. He thought she was more committed than Kristina. Julian told Alexis about Kristina being irresponsible at work. Alexis tried to defend her. He admitted that he helped her enough. He told her about the loan. She went ballistic about that. She paid him back for what he did. He took the money and allowed Kristina to keep her job.

Jason and Carly met up. They talked about Oscar and Josslyn. She wanted to protect her from the pain she’s facing. Jason reminded her that you can’t always protect people from pain. Sam arrived so he went with her. Sam told him everything that happened. They also talked about getting Kristina’s pledge. Carly found a balled up piece of paper on the floor. Shiloh looked through Kristina’s file and saw her pledge.

Ned and Olivia were at the Quartermain mansion and talked about Oscar’s situation. Kim and Drew showed up. Oscar asked Ned and Olivia to plan his funeral. Ned thought they were rushing things. Oscar didn’t believe that. He didn’t want to burden his parents. Josslyn arrived to see Oscar. They talked about the song. He wanted someone else to sing it with her because he wouldn’t make it.

Next on General Hospital, Kevin gets a warm invitation. Ava is rejected. Shiloh confronts Jason. Molly grows concerned that Kristina may be missing. Carly introduces herself to Sasha.

General Hospital 4-18-19 Recap 18th April 2019.


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