General Hospital 4-23-19 Recap 23rd April 2019

General Hospital 4-23-19
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General Hospital 4-23-19 Recap 23rd April 2019

General Hospital 4-23-19, Michael wanted Kristina to come back home. He let her know how much he missed her. She couldn’t go back home because she’s committed to Shiloh. She can’t go back on that. Sonny wanted to know if Shiloh had something on her. She insisted that she wasn’t leaving DoD. She told her family that DoD helped her. They explain to her that she had a promising future before she joined the cult. Kristina wasn’t interested in what they had to say and wanted to call the police if they didn’t listen to her. Alexis refused to leave. She went outside with Sonny and Neil. While Alexis was outside, Kristina stole her phone.

Sam assured Shiloh that she was ready to join DoD. He wasn’t sure if she was ready for it. She wanted to talk about their commitment to each other but Harmony showed up. Harmony informed her that she had a long road to get into the cult. Sam thought Shiloh was the leader of the cult. Harmony had to leave. Shiloh took his shirt off and Sam reacted to it. He wanted her to show herself to him. He took her upstairs. Curtis told Jordan that the drugs that were stolen would be used on a severed hand. She wanted him to investigate it. He wasn’t sure if it was much of a lead. Chase and Willow ran into TJ and Molly. Molly told them that Kristina left DoD. She thought it was strange that she hasn’t spoken to her in a while. After the conversation with TJ and Molly, he meet with Valerie and they talked about whatever happened to Kristina. He wondered if Sonny and Michael took her out of DoD. Valerie was afraid they might have made things worse.

General Hospital 4-23-19 Recap 23rd April 2019

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General Hospital 4-23-19

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Willow ran into Harmony and they talk about her going back to DoD. She reminded her how much Shiloh needed her. DoD needes someone to teach. During their heated conversation, it turned out that Harmony is Willow’s mother. Ava met with Kevin at the Metro Court. She had come up with a plan to get Ryan. She was still convinced that if he pretended to be her boyfriend. He thought she would get killed. He didn’t want to make things worse with Laura. She was shocked that Laura would take him back. She decided to make him feel guilty about her daughter. He refused to mess up things with his wife in order to help her.

Laura met with Felicia. They talked about Ryan. Laura was starting to have second thoughts about the plan. Felicia was tired of living in fear. Felicia admitted she was having nightmares about Ryan. She wanted to make sure he’s dead so they cab move on with their lives. Later, Kevin met with Laura. They talked about Ava’s plan. Kevin wasn’t thrilled with the plan but Laura didn’t think it was that bad of a plan. Jordan calls Ava to let her know about the lead they had on Ryan. Chase met Michael and the cops showed up. They wanted to know where to find Kristina.

Next on General Hospital, Sonny and Jason debate their next move. Willow lies while Sam is interrupted.

General Hospital 4-23-19 Recap 23rd April 2019.


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