General Hospital 4-24-19 Recap 24th April 2019

General Hospital 4-24-19
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General Hospital 4-24-19 Recap 24th April 2019

General Hospital 4-24-19, Alexis tried to reach out to Kristina. Alexis wanted to know who she called. Kristina said she kidnapped her daughter. Alexis wanted to know the number. Kristina wouldn’t give it to her.

Valerie was surprised to see Sam with Shiloh. Valerie asked if she was involved with DoD. Sam said she was studying with them. Valerie asked if she knew where Kristina was. Chase was upset with Michael for not knowing where Kristina was. Chase said they made things worse. Willow talked to Harmony about her baby. Willow said she had a boy.

General Hospital 4-24-19 Recap 24th April 2019

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General Hospital 4-24-19

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TJ told Jordan that she would die without a kidney. She said she knew that. He wanted her to get the transplant. Kevin, Laura and Ava talked about the plan to get Ryan to come back. Kevin and Laura told her they were working on their marriage. He was willing to help Ava get Ryan.

Jason wanted Sonny to reconsider the timing of killing Shiloh. Sonny wanted to get rid of him. Jason said it would alienate Kristina. Neil asked if Alexis found out who Kristina called. Alexis wasn’t sure. Neil checked the phone and said it was a New York number. She was upset that she left her phone. He thought she did it on purpose.

Willow and Harmony continued to talk about the baby. Willow told her that she didn’t want Shiloh to know about the baby. Sam told Valerie that Kristina went off with her friends. They kept talking until Valerie left. Shiloh was proud of how Sam handled herself. He told her she wsd ready for the next step.

Laura told Ava that she wanted to establish boundaries. Laura said the relationship with Kevin was for show. Ava said it was her idea. Laura wanted her to remember that Kevin was married. Ava said she wasn’t interested in him. She thought of Ryan killing her daughter. Chase told Michael that his family could be in trouble if they kidnapped Kristina. Valerie showed up. Michael walked away. She asked if he knew where Kristina was. He said he didn’t. She told him that Kristina called her.

Harmony said she wouldn’t tell Shiloh about the baby. Willow was upset with her for trying to get his approval. Willow said she was willing to pimp her daughter. Jason told Sonny not to go after Shiloh. Sonny thought things would get worse if they didn’t. Alexis was upset when Neil told her not to push things with Kristina. They argued over it. She wanted to know why he was involved. He said he didn’t want to lose anyone else to the cult. She wanted to know who he lost.

Sam and Jason saw each other. She told him she didn’t know how much longer she could do this. Harmony told Shiloh about Willow. He wanted to know what was going on. Neil didn’t want to tell her about his experience with the DoD. She wanted to know who he lost. Valerie told Chase that everyone said Kristina was with friends. Valerie told him that Sam was with Shiloh.

Jason told Sam that Shiloh was trying to press charges against him but there were too many witnesses there for him to do anything. Sam told him what happened at the DoD house. Jason told her that a cup he gave Kristina had drugs in it. She said she had to keep going.

Harmony told Shiloh that she wanted to leave town. She is going back to where she came from. Valerie told Chase that Sam was buttoning up her clothes when she came by. Valerie thought that could have been why Kristina left. Neil tried to give Alexis advice. She said she didn’t know her daughter. She wanted her daughter back. Kristina was listening to their conversation.

Next on General Hospital, Lulu wants to help while Mac is furious.

General Hospital 4-24-19 Recap 24th April 2019.


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