General Hospital 4-25-19 Recap 25th April 2019

General Hospital 4-25-19
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General Hospital 4-25-19 Recap 25th April 2019

General Hospital 4-25-19, Laura and Kevin talked about Ryan. Kevin knew that Ryan killed Kiki so he could manipulate Ava. Kevin thought it was his fault. Laura comforted him. She told him that they could get work things out. He told her that he would never keep her in the dark.

Ava went to see Felicia to find out if she was ready to start the plan. Felicia said they had a problem. When Ava wanted to know what the problem was, Mac said it was him. He wanted to get Ryan, but he and Felicia weren’t going to help her kill him. Kevin showed up while Mac was telling her his problems with the plan. Kevin didn’t think they would be able to kill Ryan. Kevin told Ava that she hadn’t seen the evil side of Ryan yet. Ava said Ryan hadn’t seen her evil side either. She said she would make Ryan pay. Kevin said he would help make that happen. They all agreed to set up Ryan and turn him into the police.

General Hospital 4-25-19 Recap 25th April 2019

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General Hospital 4-25-19

Kim watched Oscar and Joss work on their song for the Nurses’ Ball. When Joss left, Oscar fell asleep. Kim and Monica talked about Oscar. When Oscar woke up, Monica and Scout were there. He thought Scout wouldn’t remember him. Monica said she would tell Scout stories about him.

Liz talked to Epiphany about Cameron not getting close with Franco. Epiphany told her that she couldn’t force them to get along. Epiphany told her to give it time. When Joss saw Cameron, she yelled at him for not spending time with Oscar. She told him it would be too late once Oscar is gone. She told him to be there for Oscar. He said he was sorry and that he would go see him. He had to do something first.

Bobbie tried to make Carly feel better about the genetic test for the baby. Bobbie was surprised that Sonny wasn’t there. Carly wasn’t. She said they don’t deal with things the same way. Carly asked the doctor if her baby would end up being bipolar. The doctor couldn’t answer her. The doctor didn’t want her to stress out about it.

Oscar told Kim and Monica that he wanted to add Quartermaine to his name. He said Kim is important to him, but he was glad that he met his family. He wanted them to be part of his legacy. Kim wanted him to do it. Monica was happy that he wanted to do it.

Robert told Anna that he was certain that she is Robin’s mother. Anna agreed with him. She showed him the bracelet she found. He remembered that he bought that for her while they were on the mission. Anna knew that Alex never had the bracelet. He thought she was bringing up the past to avoid being happy with Finn. He told her to move on and be happy. She said she didn’t regret falling in love with him. He said he didn’t regret it either.

Finn walked in while Robert and Anna were hugging. Robert and Anna talked about she wouldn’t live in the past. She decided to concentrate on the future. Finn thought that was a good idea. Finn wondered if she was trying to cover up something. Robert didn’t think she was.

Next on General Hospital, Lulu surprises Peter. Sonny distracts Carly. Nina is shocked.

General Hospital 4-25-19 Recap 25th April 2019.


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